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Saab provides comprehensive harbour and coastline defence

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With a coastline of over 7,500 km, it is important for India to not only maintain a safe and secure environment for shipping, but also to be able to act and respond to any natural calamities, maritime accidents, terrorism and military threats.


Saab offers a vast range of unmanned underwater systems that provides operational possibilities across the scope of mine countermeasures, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, counterterrorism and civilian systems.

According to Ola Rignell, Chairman and Managing Director, Saab India, “For navies, Saab is a major platform supplier, building the most modern submarines and warships. Saab also designs and builds many other enabling systems like radars, electronic warfare, communications, training and simulation etc. that define supremacy in naval operations. Saab understands and can provide a full range of systems and technologies that deliver supremacy at sea.”

Rignell explains, “With the Indian Navy looking to enhance their Mine Counter Measure (MCM) capabilities by acquiring mine countermeasures vessels (MCMVs) that can be built in India, Saab’s Double EagleMkIV can be an effective addition to India’s MCM suite.” The vehicle is designed to handle modern sea mines. The stability of the vehicle and the modularity of its design allows the operator to utilize the vehicle for both mine detection and mine disposal mission.

Saab's Double Eagle family is well-proven and used by navies around the world. The Double Eagle family consists of three configurations and mission unique payloads for a wide range of MCM operations. The vehicles can be launched from any type of ship, from the shore, or from a craft of opportunity. The system can be housed in a standard container, making it deployable across a variety of platforms.

A superior alternative to traditional MCM is provided by Saab's AUV62-MR, the latest generation Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). The robust AUV62-MR has a modular design, offering high levels of flexibility and short turnaround times for MCM operations. The hydro-dynamically stable, highly reliable system boasts exceptional performance and low lifecycle costs, making it an ideal, cost-effective choice for MCM operators.

The AUV62-MR is designed to undertake long-endurance missions over large areas and contains high resolution sonar for systematic, comprehensive investigation of the environment, creating a detailed picture of any threats.

Further, Saab's AUV62-AT acoustic training system provides a flexible and cost-effective way of training crews, without the need for an actual submarine. The system can be used as a target for training surface, air and sub-surface Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) assets in any combination and can be programmed to deliver all levels of training from basic to advanced.