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Saab in Deployable Health Care

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Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence in all domains to civil security.

Saab's market offering is broad and consists of complex systems involving extensive research and development and services with a high degree of repetition. With operations on every continent, Saab continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet customers' changing needs.

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Saab’s experience in deployable health care

With over 30 years of experience in deployable Health Care, Saab have accumulated a wealth of capability in providing solutions that support the rapid delivery of Health Care into remote and austere environments. Saab's deployable Health Care solutions are custom designed to suit the deployment environment, mission type and health facility role. Our solution range provides the Health Care capability for medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), rapid frontline care, mobile and stationary field hospitals and other specialised capability, including naval vessels hospitals. Our deployable Health Care market presence is primarily in Western Europe and Australia. However, our solutions have been used worldwide in various military missions.

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Reference projects

Examples of some of our larger projects include the design and provision of large field hospitals for both the Swedish Armed Forces and the Australian Defence Force. These projects include primary Health Care and emergency care facilities, ranging up to advanced critical care facilities, including operating suites and intensive care units. Diagnostic facilities include radiology, CT, laboratory and environmental health. Supporting services include modular force infrastructure providing deployable independence, including sterilisation (CSSD), mortuary and oxygen
production capability.

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Systems integration

As deployable Health Care facilities are comprised of multiple components, including complex medical devices, diagnostic equipment and essential services, it is critical that all elements are able to rapidly and efficiently integrate as one operational system. Saab is known in the defence industry for its capability in complex systems integration. Our engineering capability in deployable Health Care includes system integration engineers, and extends to biomedical, electrical and mechanical engineers. This ecosystem of design capability allows Saab to share knowledge between engineers, who utilise the same tools and processes that are embedded into Saab's design process.

Health care Systems integration

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Saab also has expertise in Deployable Health Care Integrated Logistics Support. This process ensures that the required technology is ready for use when required. Our design process focuses on providing solutions that enable defence forces to rapidly deploy Health Care facilities when and when they require medical support. Our ILS design capability includes designing efficient packaging and transportation solutions to ensure that the medical facility arrives at the location in the correct order and good condition. Efficient packaging also reduces the bulk of the shipment by consolidating components based on operational needs. In addition, Saab's ILS process manages product life cycle, obsolescence management, spare parts management, technical user documentation, and compliance with standards.

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Deployable health care centre of excellence

Saab has established a deployable Health Care centre of excellence to bring together global engineering and clinical experts worldwide to develop best practices in defence-focused deployable Health Care. Our goal is to utilise the knowledge and experience from subject matter experts from clinical practice, deployable Health Care specialists, industry partners, medical device providers and infrastructure suppliers to create innovative solutions that address military forces' challenge in providing quality Health Care outside of the hospital setting.


Saab's expertise and local adaptability

Saab's experience in deployed medical solutions ranges from initial conceptual design and clinical workflow analysis to solution delivery and long-term support. Our expertise includes systems engineering, biomedical engineering, force infrastructure, mission operations and Health Care workflow. Systems Integration and Engineering expertise for the design of deployable medical systems in accordance with the requirements of Indian Defence, including:

  • Medical systems integration
  • Clinical workflow analysis
  • Detailed design of clinical areas
  • Medical and non-medical device evaluation and selection
  • Design of systems to achieve deployment requirements
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) throughout the capability lifecycle
  • Total solution provision including industry partner selection and management
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Saab has commercial relationships with multiple medical device manufacturers and infrastructure suppliers, ensuring access to their specialised expertise and class-leading products. We also use medical and engineering subject matter experts to assist in our design to ensure that the solutions are clinically appropriate and technically achievable.

Saab India has access to local suppliers and contractors that will contribute to the deployable health capability. It is Saab's policy to include local content wherever possible. For projects in India, we envision that the local content includes locally sourced medical equipment with a preference for "Made in India" products. We would also use local subject matter experts to consult on regulatory and compliance matters. Local project managers and engineers would manage our projects.

We envision that Saab would partner with Indian suppliers to provide the following expertise for naval, army and air force medical facilities.

  • All phases of the design on the medical treatment facility
  • Consultation with the client and clinical staff on the requirements and design
  • Optimisation of clinician and patient flow
  • Medical systems integration
  • Procurement and installation of medical equipment
  • Ongoing support

Contact Information
Colonel Harjeet Singh Saini (Retired)
Marketing Director
Medical healthcare solutions
Mobile: +91 981 089 4409

Amany Wahba
Sales Director
Medical Solutions
Mobile +61 436 127 241


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