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Saab’s Gripen E: Perfect Protector of Indian Skies

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The Gripen E is the ideal solution for the challenges and the threats faced by the Indian defence forces today and in the future. As a highly advanced, multi-role fighter, packed with new technology that delivers combat advantage, Gripen E is designed to provide operational dominance and flexibility with superior survivability and lethality. It delivers unique combat capabilities that set it aside from the competition, and from all known threats, and would provide the Indian Air Force (IAF) with a formidable force.

Gripen Electronic Warefare system

Here are just a few of the reasons why Gripen E is the perfect fighter for India:

Fast adaptation

The key to modern warfare is rapid adaptability – maintaining a technological advantage over capable adversaries – in effect, a fighter of tomorrow must adapt, must stay operationally relevant, every single day of the fight, so it can defeat any known or even un-known adversary.

Gripen E is the only fighter in the world today that has the capability to do this. It is equipped with a smart avionics architecture where tactical functions are separated from the flight critical. Software algorithms can be upgraded without a need of new airworthiness verification testing, ensuring high availability. The architecture is also the basis for making rapid hardware and weaponry updates, with a high degree of alteration for each customer nation. The Gripen philosophy is to Fight, Learn and Adapt every day. This set Gripen apart from other fighter platforms of today.

Human Machine Collaboration

With the new avionics system, a highly advanced cockpit setup, complemented with cutting edge software, Gripen has evolved its Human Machine Interface (HMI). Today, Gripen uses a revolutionary new concept, labelled Human Machine Collaboration (HMC). This is a giant leap forward from the traditional HMI concept.

Gripen E

The Gripen pilot and the aircraft system operate seamlessly together, but they also now collaborate, working together and supporting one another with rapid decision making, to achieve mission success. The next steps in this journey will be towards even deeper embedded operational Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Decisive Information Advantage

A fighter mission can be compared to a large scale game of chess. It is crucial that every action is backed by the right evaluation and decision support. During a live mission, this can only be possible if correct information is shared within the tactical fighter formation. Gripen offers proven Network Centric Warfare capabilities including advanced data communications, dual tactical data links, satellite communications and video links, ensuring optimal situational awareness for the pilot in every moment. The net-centric capabilities include data linking within the tactical air unit, between Gripen AEW&C and C2 centers on ground or at sea, and with the Forward Air Controller.

The suite of sensors delivers cross-domain data gathering and unprecedented level of networked sensor fusion. Information is quickly analysed and shared real-time, enabling critical decisions to be rapidly implemented, thus ensuring tactical superiority.


Gripen E can be integrated with weapons for all types of missions; from guided glide bombs for precision engagement with low collateral damage, to long-range and agile air-to-air missiles and heavy anti-ship armaments. Fitted with 10 hard-points, an example of Air Supremacy is demonstrated by the carriage of up to seven long-range Meteor BVR missiles, 2 highly agile WVR IRIS-T missiles and a shoulder-mounted Recce or Designator pod.

Kent Ake

But missiles and lethality are nothing unless a modern fighter can't dominate the electronic battlefield. Gripen E is equipped with a 360 degree spherical coverage AESA technology, Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Attack (EA) capability. It means that Gripen E can enter a highly contested, hostile environment and deliver Air Supremacy, performing simultaneously offensive and defensive missions, whilst also surviving the fight. This makes Gripen E a game changer in the modern battlespace.