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MSHORAD: Saab’s response to the new battlefield

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Over the past decade, battlefield threats have evolved into something much more complex and unpredictable, through a mixture of new advanced weapons technology, shifting geopolitical tides and changing battle scenarios. Ground-based air defence is more important than ever, both in more static and in mobile form. 

A wide range of established airborne threats such as fighters, helicopters, and missiles are being joined by newer threats such as armed UAV’s and loitering munitions. The need to both detect and counter them all, while deploying with speed and mobility, has been at the forefront of Saab’s Mobile Short-Range Air Defence (MSHORAD) system development, which can be easily installed to every vehicle platform. The solution is based on RBS 70 NG missile system called Mobile Firing Unit (MFU) and Giraffe 1X radar called Mobile Radar Unit (MRU). Both of them are the perfect example for flexible systems as they can be redeployed as needed. With a fully integrated Command and Control (C2) system local air pictures are created, threats evaluated and automatic engagement support is provided. An after-action review enables a later evaluation of the situation which can contribute to the planning of the further mission. Due to its high mobility Saab’s MSHORAD is capable to keep pace with and to protect all parts of a modern maneuvering ground force. 


Multi target capability with RBS 70 NG

The Mobile Firing Unit of MSHORAD based on the RBS 70 NG can be integrated onto almost any vehicle platform and thus is extremely versatile. Travelling alongside units, it offers protection and defence for ground troops in a moving combat area. Within just five seconds, once data is provided by the intelligent C2 system, the missiles engage with the target. Beyond that, the system can be easily  redeployed as a man-portable configuration and is designed to be used in any climate. The RBS 70 NG remains on target unaffected by any countermeasures, heat sources and other interfering influences. During optical tracking, the operator can use manual control at any time after launch, and thus change the target point, supported by improved aiming aids and auto-tracker. By utilizing an integrated thermal imaging device, the RBS 70 NG system operates both day and night. The sight can also be used as a sensor to detect possible threats. Further advantages of the system: the automatic target tracker that increases hit probability as well as the unjammable laser guidance system. A total of 19 countries, including several NATO countries, already have procured more than 1600 units of the RBS 70 and RBS 70 NG to date, in addition to more than 18,000 missiles.

Giraffe 1X MSHORAD

Superior detection with Giraffe 1X – standing and in motion

The high-resolution 3D AESA radar Giraffe 1X is a versatile multi-mission surveillance system that detects fast missiles and small UAVs, as well as RAM targets, in high-clutter environments. As an MRU it is also working on the move due to a “search in the move” function, an asset, which gathers more and more importance as threats come from all directions in today’s modern warfare. Giraffe 1X delivers a 360°, 75 km situational awareness with simultaneous air surveillance, GBAD target acquisition as well as RAM sense and warn capabilities without performance degradation. Thanks to the built in Drone Tracker, an enhanced functionality for detection and classification of low, slow and small objects the most challenging UAV threats are also handled. The radar covers, the entire search volume every second and provides air defence commanders with engagement quality target data and early warning with a tracking capability of more than 600 targets simultaneously. With its weight of less than 150 kg and very low power consumptions it is easily integrated in also small vehicles. 

The importance in Ground Based Air Defence systems today is mobility, scalability, networking of different systems and platforms as well as cost efficiency, reliability and modularity. The modular design of MSHORAD provides flexibility and can be installed alongside existing equipment which in turn saves resources. MSHORAD is Saab’s response to the new battlefield era and it will detect any target, react and strike when time is of essence.


Safe sky, secure ground

Air threats are ever-evolving. Our MSHORAD Solution provides a highly mobile and formidable anti-air capability to effectively identify, deter, or neutralize airborne threats.

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