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Saab Global

Operations and employees on all continents

Competing in the international market requires a strong global presence. We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas.

A local presence close to customers creates stronger relationships and collaborations and greater insight into customers’ needs. Better understanding these needs creates opportunities to develop the right combination of products and solutions, which in turn means that Saab also becomes more efficient and more focused on project execution, marketing and sales.

Our products are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 30 countries world wide. Research and development are concentrated in Sweden and we have employees mainly in Europe, South Africa, the U.S, Australia and Brazil. Read more about our markets

Business areas

Saab’s operations are divided into four Business Areas for control and reporting purposes; Aeronautics, Dynamics, Surveillance and Kockums.

Brazilian Gripen E


Aeronautics is an innovative supplier of world-class aircraft systems, advanced aerostructures and a wide range of support solutions within civil and military aviation. The business area is not only engaged in research, development and production of military aircraft systems, but also conducts studies as preparation for future manned and unmanned aircraft systems. Aeronautics is also one of Saab´s business areas that is a partner in the Future Combat Air System programme (FCAS). Close collaborations with other world-leading entities, both large and small, is a success factor.

Services and solutions

  • Gripen is the world's most adaptable and flexible combat aircraft system. With its modular design, it can be upgraded and adapted to customers' requirements.
  • Saab and Boeing have jointly developed the next generation trainer aircraft for the U.S. Air Force, T-7A Red Hawk. Saab is responsible for the development and production of the aft fuselage section.
  • Development and production of advanced aerostructures and systems for the aviation industry with a focus on wings, flaps and doors for commercial aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus.
  • Development, integration and modification of aircraft platforms for airborne surveillance systems like GlobalEye.
  • TC holder and responsible for the aftermarket support of the Saab 340 and Saab 2000.
  • By bringing together adaptability, flexibility, cost-efficiency and partnership with local industries, we can offer smart support solutions for both civil and military aviation, fixed and rotary wing. From ad-hoc to full turn-key solutions.
  • Future manned and unmanned aircraft systems.
Soldier with Carl-Gustaf M4 and FCD 558 and thermal sight.


Dynamics offers support weapons, missiles, torpedoes, sensors, camouflage and deception systems, training and simulation systems, unmanned underwater vehicles as well as tactical products and support solutions for the commercial and defence markets.

Services and solutions

  • Ground combat weapons, including Carl-Gustaf, AT4 and NLAW.
  • Land-based air defence systems, including RBS 70, RBS 70 NG and BAMSE.
  • RBS15 air-to-surface missile and international missile programmes such as Meteor, Taurus, IRIS-T and GLSDB.
  • Underwater systems, including remotely operated and autonomous vehicles as well as torpedoes and underwater sensors.
  • Training systems for ground combat based on laser and radio as well as virtual training solutions.
  • Advanced camouflage systems, including the products Barracuda MCS, ULCAS and SOTACS.
  • Customised support solutions in all areas – over the product's entire lifecycle.
  • Technical services, maintenance and repairs.
  • Products and integration for military electronics, field solutions and CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) defence solutions.
GlobalEye Early Warning and Control
Giraffe 1X C2 port of Gothenburg 2020


Business area Surveillance provides efficient solutions for safety and security, for surveillance and decision support, and for threat detection, localization, and protection. Surveillance has world-leading microwave and antenna technology based on effective long-term product development that utilises synergies between the various product areas.

Services and solutions

  • GlobalEye and Saab Erieye AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning & Control) for defence and civil security, including support solutions over the products entire lifecycle.
  • Leading technology for air traffic management, marine traffic management and public safety and security.
  • The surface radar family Giraffe, Sea Giraffe and Arthur for air and maritime surveillance and weapon locating.
  • Combat management systems based on 9LV for navies, air forces and armies.
  • Signals intelligence (SIGINT) systems that provide real-time situational awareness to localise and identify threats, for both tactical and strategic applications.
  • Self-protection systems that warn of threats and protect aircraft, helicopters, vehicles and vessels.
  • Safety critical aircraft and avionics systems such as computers, actuation systems, safety and awareness systems and fiber optic sensor systems for demanding environments for aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.
  • Nose radar for fighter aircraft, data links and laser rangefinders.
Visby-class corvettes 9LV Ceros


Kockums is a world leader in its segment in the development, production and in-service support of submarines, surface vessels and naval systems. The product portfolio includes submarines with air-independent propulsion, warships with stealth technology, minesweeping systems, and high-speed patrol and pilot boats. Kockums also supplies subsystems and components for integration in naval solutions for customers in and outside Sweden.

Services and solutions

  • Design, construction and in-service support for submarines and surface vessels.
  • Design, construction and in-service support for high-speed patrol and pilot boats.