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In order to handle invoices smoothly and promptly, Saab requires you to include certain information when sending invoices to us.

New tax obligations in Sweden

Sweden has from January 1, 2021 implemented an economic employer tax concept and imposed tax reporting obligations for foreign entities performing services in Sweden. As a method of the enforcing the new legislation the Swedish tax agency has added obligations for Swedish entities as well when paying invoices to foreign suppliers for work performed in Sweden by the foreign supplier. A Swedish payer will due to this in some cases be obliged to withhold preliminary taxes and remit those to the tax agency unless the foreign entity has correct papers from the Swedish tax agency. For more information about the new legislation, please visit Reporting obligations in Sweden.

Checklist of content

Please include the following information when sending us invoices:

  • Legal company name within Saab Group.
  • Business area, if applicable
  • Correct billing address
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • Invoice number
  • Reference to purchase order number, if applicable. Note! Each invoice may only refer to one purchase order number.
  • Companies listed below shall reference project activity. Note! This is mandatory when purchase order number is not applicable.
    • Saab AB
    • Saab Dynamics AB
    • Saab Kockums AB
    • Fastighetsbolaget AB 4:20 Karlskrona
    • Combitech AB
    • Saab Tactical Electronics AB
  • Cost center, project or project activity is mandatory when a purchase order number is missing.
  • Article Number, if applicable
  • Scope/Quantity, if applicable
  • Invoice Specification, i.e. what the delivery/invoice concerns
  • Delivery date
  • Total amount and currency/Total amount excluding VAT/Tax Rate
  • Supplier company name
  • Supplier address
  • Supplier VAT registration number if applicable
  • Supplier BG/PG (for payments in SEK in Sweden), IBAN and Swift code (for payments made in currencies other than SEK) or other bank account information.

Likewise, all invoices shall comply with legal requirements, tax regulations and regulations in accordance to each applicable country.

Invoices that do not have the correct content as specified above are likely to be returned.

Ways of invoicing Saab

Today we have three ways of invoicing Saab: Electronic invoices (EDI), by e-mail or by paper invoices. The lists under Invoicing addresses below are including specific information about invoicing addresses (paper and e-mail) and ability to receive electronic invoices.

The major part of Saab prefers electronic invoices (EDI), and suppliers can find information on how get started at our partner Pagero.

Invoice handling

The Saab Group is a large group of companies where the Business Area structure and the Legal structure is not always comparable with each other. Saab has a number of different legal entities. Each legal unit will be handling their own Supplier invoices. The addresses for offices, shipping and billing are not always the same. Please ensure that the invoicing address is correct. All current billing addresses you will find listed in links below. Definitions of addresses:

  • Billing address - is the invoicing address only
  • Delivery address (freight) - is the address for delivery
  • Postal address - is the address for other correspondence
  • Invoice e-mail address – is the e-mail address strictly for invoices and other correspondence to accounts payable.

Invoicing addresses

Invoice Addresses Sweden

Invoice Addresses Global