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Emerging technologies: fundamental to our future work

Our successful history is built on being an innovative and competitive company. If we are to maintain our position in the years ahead we must understand and benefit from the emerging technologies that are fundamental to our future.

Why we’re embracing emerging technologies

Industry has always been subject to change, but the transformation it is undergoing now is especially profound and especially quick. Digitalisation, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence are among the emerging technologies that are disrupting and displacing old ways of doing things and forcing companies of every stripe to adapt in order to survive.

Throughout our long history we have earned a reputation for being innovative, competitive and agile, but it is imperative that we do not become complacent. Saab must always be alert to the possibility that our existing competitors or new players entering the market can move ahead of us if we fail to understand and fully grasp the opportunities which emerging technologies can offer, in terms of new capabilities and business models.

“Our response to these challenges and possibilities has been to identify key technologies that we believe are fundamental to our future and where we have a special focus. This means that we are investing time, money and resources on developing our expertise in these specific areas to ensure that we can master them. We have an open mindset and by constantly monitoring emerging trends and technologies it is possible to leverage from them and create capabilities to our customers.” Says Ellen Grev, President Saab Emerging Technologies.

Our data-driven capabilities span all domains; Air, Land, Sea and Space. By combining and analyzing data from a large number of sensors we get a more accurate and valuable presentation of the surroundings and its events.

Our aim is to be an adopter of new software technologies focusing on scalable, autonomous and data-driven capability development. These capabilities can be deployed across edge nodes to full scale cloud environments. Data sources and areas of use span all domains, ranging from the ocean floor to space. By building and reusing solid building blocks and services it leads to a rapid capability development of solutions and bringing new capabilities fast to our end-users and customers. The focus is not on products, but instead to provide our customers with solutions that increase the customers’ capability.

We are working jointly with partners and have partnerships with leading technology companies across the world.

Data-driven capabilities

Data-driven capabilities include sensor and mission-/domain-agnostic building blocks that can be run as a stand-alone data fusion solution or easily be integrated into other applications. It is a modern micro-service oriented ecosystem that enables near-unlimited scale, deployment flexibility and security. The service-oriented architecture facilitates rapid integration - with new sensors, data sources, processing, communications, and command and control software - and supports continuous growth of capabilities.

Introduction film to data-driven capabilities
Video - 8:48

Mission Autonomy

Autonomy is more than moving an asset from one position to another. Our capabilities within the autonomous field is capable of handling dozens, or even hundreds, of assets teaming and collaborating together to solve a mission. How the mission will be solved depends on the teams characteristics such as number of available assets, current energy levels, payloads such as sensors and software etc.

“Our mission-autonomy capability is fully distributed over edge nodes to obtain resilience on the field during the operation.”
Joakim Ekblad, CTO Saab Emerging Technologies

The fleet of assets utilise multi-domain data, that can be received prior to the mission or during the mission in order to optimise the mission due to constraints or events of interests.


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