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Adam’s Journey from the Australian Army to Saab Australia

Having been in the Australian Army for 15 years, team work and being part of a team ranked highly on Adam’s list of things he was looking for in a new role when he was transitioning to civilian life. 


“Providing input and working collaboratively gives me a high degree of job satisfaction. I guess it comes from having spent so long in the Army and depending on each other to complete the job and look out for each other while doing it!” 

Today, as a Associate Project Manager at Saab Australia, Adam feels the comradery and culture at Saab is exactly what he’s looking for.

With a long career in the Royal Australian Corp of Transport and working with High Risk Work capability platforms for the Australian Army, Adam spent one and half decades in a number of roles and positions throughout his time with the Army, this included small to medium team management roles and instructor positions. His posting highlights during this time were HMAS Tobruk, Army School of Transport – Maritime Wing and Special Operations Logistics Squadron.

His career in the defence force included multiple deployments including to Afghanistan, the Middle East Region, South East Asia and a two-year posting on the HMAS Tobruk, where he was a member of the ships company working as part of the Ships Army Detachment (SAD).

The Middle East deployment was a significant milestone in his military career. As a leader of an eight-person team, Adam was responsible for managing all freight moving in and out of the region for the Australian Forces. This experience not only tested but also honed his management skills, resilience, and resourcefulness.

The transition from military life to civilian life can often be challenging, but Adam has found his journey to be a rewarding one. He credits Saab for being exceptionally supportive during this phase. 

“I feel supported but also connected to other veterans, which is hugely important to me. While I’m a reservist one evening a week and on weekends, having a connection to others that have served in the defence force has created a sense of community at work for me.”

He also emphasises that it’s the policies and flexibility that Saab offers that have given him confidence, as well as a clear career development path. 

“Having Saab offer additional leave entitlements for outside of the standard Annual Leave and Sick Leave provides me space for my appointments with the Department of Veteran Affairs. It’s an encouraging gesture that demonstrates the company’s commitment to my wellbeing.”

Moreover Saab, has provided Adam with a clear career path that aligns with his ambitions. He aspires to become a Project Manager, and the company is ensuring he gains the necessary skills and knowledge for this progression. In addition to on-the-job training, Adam is also being offered formal learning opportunities. He has been attending external courses and earning qualifications related to project management, further strengthening his competency in his current role and preparing him for future roles.

Currently, he is performing higher duties in a more senior role as part of his learning and development plan. This exposure to advanced responsibilities is equipping him with the experience required to advance in his career.

“My time at Saab has allowed me to flourish and transition out of the Army life with ease. I’m looking forward to continuing to develop with all the opportunities ahead and growing professionally here.”