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Protection for CBRN threats

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The risk of chemical, biological, radiological and or nuclear (CBRN) attacks in military or even civil scenarios is very real and potentially devastating.

Australian Defence Forces, are highly attuned and prepared for these dangers and are constantly taking active steps to counteract such threats.

Solutions to counter or manage CBRN attacks developed by Saab include detection devices, warning software, physical protection clothing, decontamination equipment, diagnostic tools and containers for transporting hazardous substances.


“The problem is chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and improvised explosive threats evolve rapidly,” said Nathan Parsons, Saab Australia’s CBRN capability Manager.

Saab has been a leading systems integrator in the research, development and the production of counter-CBRN solutions for more than a decade. Supporting the Swedish armed forces with technology and equipment since 2003, Saab has developed a holistic suite of equipment and programs to ward off CBRN threats that are now in use across Scandinavia, China, the Middle East and Japan.

“CBRN capability is critical for defence forces deployed offshore and indeed civilians here on Australian soil. These are real existing and emerging CBRN threats which are hazardous to both people and the environment” says Mr Parsons.

Australia is an active ally supporting other government agencies with domestic and international CBRN incidents which can rather rapidly become global issues.

CBRN technology also has applications across the fields of medicine and pathology for example to respond to disease epidemics. Saab’s CBRN trans-international shipping containers and sampling systems’ can sample and transport contagious or other hazardous matter safely without risk for identification at certified international laboratories”, said Mr Parsons.

Saab is highly proactive in CBRN research and development seeking new and emerging technologies to combat these constant, highly volatile risks which put forces and civilians at risk.

From its development laboratories across the world, Saab collectively employs over 14,000 people who are on a mission to keep people and society safe.