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9 Feb 2023
Curious about the ‘why’?
5 min
Each summer, our paid internship program gives students in their penultimate year of undergraduate study the opportunity get hands-on experience alongside industry leaders across our diverse project teams.
29 Nov 2022
Engineering high-quality field hospitals
4 min +
For the Australian Defence Force (ADF), high-quality healthcare in the field is a critical capability. Deployable hospitals for defence and humanitarian purposes must be able to provide lifesaving medical care to Australian troops and injured civilians in the harshest environments, including the unstable conditions of a battlefield.
3 Oct 2022
Reliable medical and force infrastructure in the field
3 min +
Through JP2060-3 Saab Australia is designing and delivering a world-class life-saving healthcare solution for use in military and humanitarian missions, both in Australia and overseas.
19 Sep 2022
Manage your signature and gain the advantage
5 min +
As sensors are becoming more advanced and complex threats increasingly difficult to anticipate, the demand for advanced signature management technology is continually growing.
Live training
19 Sep 2022
Be prepared for any scenario
3 min +
Empowering Australia’s armed forces with training and simulation solutions to support the pursuit of excellence in developing combat behaviours.
Carl-Gustaf M4
16 Sep 2022
Carl-Gustaf – a reliable and continually evolving weapon
3 min +
Trusted by Australian troops for decades, Saab’s Carl-Gustaf® recoilless rifle system is continually evolving to deliver new capabilities for changing, modern battlefields.
18 Aug 2022
Work is well underway installing our OneView integrated security solution at the Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct Stage 2.
2 min
Saab Australia’s (Saab) OneViewTM was selected earlier this year as the integrated security solution for the Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct Stage 2 project.
20 Jul 2022
Providing Naval Vessels with Lifesaving Medical Care
3 min +
Modern naval vessels can be deployed to remote locations at a moment’s notice. Having 24/7 access to medical facilities – whether at sea, in littoral zones or alongside – is crucial to safeguarding the lives of both military personnel and civilians
9 Jun 2022
A proven history in deployable health
3 min
Modern armed forces can be deployed to some of the most challenging and unpredictable locations on the planet. To keep functioning efficiently, they need the support of high-quality medical care delivered in a secure and hygienic setting.
2 Jun 2022
Saab Combat Management Systems – an evolving capability
3 min +
For over three decades Saab has had a profound impact on Australia’s defence capability. Most notably providing the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) with its own world-class naval combat management system – the backbone of Australia’s defence independence.
23 May 2022
The sovereign hardware solution creating export opportunities and supporting local industry
2 min
A legacy of leading combat management systems development, integration and delivery, coupled with the unique experience and understanding of Australian defence requirements, Saab has now designed, developed and locally manufactured its Multi Function Console (MFC) as the keystone hardware solution enabling the operation and management of complex systems.
25 Mar 2022
Australian Centre of Excellence leading the way for global Deployable Health Capability
3 min
Saab Australia has today launched its global Deployable Health Capability Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Melbourne – creating sovereign capability and unlocking export opportunties for local industry.