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Mixed reality for Royal Australian Air Force

2 min read

The mixed reality visualisation system was developed by Saab Australia to help the Royal Australian Air Force explore complex problems and ultimately reach better solutions sooner then using legacy decision support and planning tools.


Mixed reality blends the real world with digital information, presented as fully interactive holograms.

“The application allows decision makers to explore scenarios from all perspectives and model behaviours before committing resources or responding,” said Inger Lawes, Saab Australia’s Mixed Reality Applications Program Head.

The application runs on the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality device — the world’s first untethered holographic computer, worn comfortably over the head and eyes.

The scope for mixed reality technology is infinite and should not to be confused with virtual reality; an sythentic world where the user is isolated from the real world.

“Mixed reality is the perfect medium for learning, collaborating or visualising complex information, because users are connected by the real world and real situations” said Mr Lawes.

Saab Australia presented its mixed reality capability at the Australasian Simulation Congress last month attracting widespread attention from all business sectors.

“This technology is transformational and we have had significant interest from a diverse range of industries keen to understand how mixed reality can add value to their businesses,” said Inger Lawes.

The authority for information technology and communications market intelligence, IDC predicts that by 2020, worldwide revenues for the augmented and virtual reality markets will grow to more than $162 billion.

“Mixed reality applications is set to increase quality, productivity and safety— this opens up a whole new world for design, manufacturing as well as education and health care ,” said Mr Lawes.