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New OneView interfaces

2 min read

Secure facility managers and electronic security system providers are set to gain greater flexibility and freedom as two new standard interfaces are added to Saab’s OneView security surveillance and facility management platform.

“Our development team are integrating the popular Lenel and SiPass interfaces, giving operators more choice for subsystem access control and security breach warning,’ said OneView Product Manager, Trent Schroeter.

Lenel’s advanced network access control system for visitor and card access management is widely used across Australian airports, Government and Defence facilities. SiPass, Siemen’s access control/intruder alarm system is also widely used in airports, hospitals, manufacturing, finance and corporate facilities.

With OneView supporting Lenel and SiPass as standard, facility operators can choose a mix of access controls if they wish, but the interface will have the same standard OneView interface.

“This is OneView’s true power — giving infrastructure owners and operators this flexibility, to choose their own subsystems, not be dictated by vertical integrated system suppliers”, said Trent.

OneView has multiple subsystem interfaces as standard below its one common, easy-to-use interface but the platform can be adapted by Saab to integrate any sensor and control equipment from any vendor.

“Any subsystem can be integrated with OneView but having the most popular as standard is a bonus for the security managers in our OneView Software Integrator program”, said Trent.

The OneView Software Integrator program licenses electronic security system providers with the rights to install and maintain OneView with their own system installations.

“Having common subsystems interfaces standard in OneView gives OneView Software Integrators more flexibility with the platform that they can install and maintain themselves,” said Trent.

For more information on the OneView Software Integrator program, visit our website or contact Trent Schroeter on 08 8343 3800.