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Second Victorian Prison

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The fourth major prison installation of Saab Australia's OneView in Victoria's Marngoneet Correctional Centre is partially live with full completion expected within weeks. 

Saab Australia Project Manager, Scott Greenwood said "the Marngoneet Correctional Centre will be the second installation of OneView with Victorian security management company, MGA Electronic Security".

Marngoneet Correctional Centre is medium-level, 300 bed correctional program centre for male prisoners, approximately 60 km west of Melbourne.

The OneView intelligent security and facility management system provides Marngoneet security officers with a complete accurate security and surveillance picture of the facility in real-time, allowing immediate response as events happen.

MGA Electronic Security have installed the CCTV, mobile duress and access control subsystems which have been integrated into the OneView platform, to deliver one unified system.

OneView links together the subsystem technologies to provide not only a unified user interface, but also the ability to create intelligent links between systems. OneView facilitates complex rules such as automatically following guards with CCTV who have activated their personal duress transmitter, OneView selects the appropriate fixed cameras to display and also moves Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras when required.

"Security staff have a clean, simple system that is easy-to-read, operate and navigate even in the most stressful situation," said Mr Greenwood.

"OneView, is a mature platform that is completely customisable for each site's operations and very easy to use" said Michael Humphris, MGA Electronic Security Project Manager.

The system manages security measures across 41 buildings, controlling 22 perimeter zones, over 100 cameras and more than 300 doors across the facility.

"The true value of OneView is being able to easily write the rules to control specific functions unique to each client. How it looks and works is up to the user," said Mr Greenwood.

OneView is now fully functional in the Hopkins Correctional Centre in Arrarat Victora. The Marngoneet installation is the second in a Victorian State prison.

The Marngoneet system integrates various security sub systems managed by the head security manager MGA Electronic Security under a public-private partnership agreement State Government of Victoria partner, Corrections Victoria.