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Saab Global

A thirty year investment

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Its thirty years since we first stepped onto Australia’s electronic defence-power frontier. As pioneers, we proudly built the nation’s first, Australian-owned combat system to keep Australia’s people and society safe. 


“We’re proud to celebrate thirty years of sustained innovation, and the profound impact we’ve had on Australia’s independent defence capability,” says Managing Director, Dean Rosenfield.
Saab Australia was established to transfer technology from Sweden and adapt 9LV, the world’s best naval combat management system, for the Australian and New Zealand ANZAC class frigates, making it completely unique for their national interests.

Over the years, Saab Australia has remained deeply committed to Australia’s sovereign defence interests, maintaining and continually evolving the system in readiness for an ever-changing, turbulent world.

The company also provides products and services to the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force and security and civil aviation sectors.

“About seven years ago we took a long-term view about diversifying the business so we moved into the security world, managing high-level electronic security systems in critical infrastructure facilities, ” says Dean Rosenfield.

“With our high-level systems engineering skills we’ve been able to rotate our engineers between defence and civil in line with the ebb and flow of customer contracts”.

“It’s a great example of how, through innovation, we can adopt defence technologies for civilian purposes to maintain and create new jobs,” said Dean Rosenfield.

Saab Australia is the nation’s most experienced defence and security systems company, employing over 300 Australian systems engineers, the best in their league, and subcontracts work to more than 200 local companies.

Creating the first major Australian-owned naval defence system—relied on so heavily to protect so many—has been the pinnacle of Saab Australia’s thirty year history and we proudly look forward to the next thirty.