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Holographic technology bringing naval defence solutions to life

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Saab Australia will feature its exciting mixed reality development experience as part of its naval defence demonstrations on show at Pacific 2017 3-5 October in Sydney.


Saab has strategically selected technologies fitting the Asia-Pacific region from its large naval technology portfolio and added an interactive element via its mixed reality development experience.

As usual, Saab Australia will play host to several of Saab’s international experts in the field of underwater, aerial, weapons and communications technologies who are making their way to Australia for this premier biennial event.  

“We are confident the mixed reality experience will add an extra element of interest for delegates prone to product overload. The holographic mixed reality technology is remarkable and this will be the first time it has been used on such a large scale at a defence exhibition,” said David Ledger, Saab’s Event Manager for the show.  “Our mixed reality presentations not only highlight the key features of our advanced naval defence systems, but the visual power of mixed reality.”

Used as a training platform, mixed reality offers the most kinesthetic learning experience available. Tactile learning—learning via physical activity or interaction—is a preferred mode of learning for many as it offers motivation via stimulation and rewards can be immediate. 

As a tool to inspire or encourage collaboration to drive innovation, mixed reality really allows people who perceive the world differently to come together within a blend of virtual and physical worlds where they can see the possibilities for themselves.

Saab has long been recognised as a global innovator with a portfolio of leading edge technologies for military and civil applications. “Saab is also aware that military organisations, by necessity, are conservative and process orientated,” says David Ledger. “The defence customer is by design, risk adverse which can be at odds with innovation, however, Saab promotes an internal innovation program to encourage creative-thinking.” It was this internal innovation program that led to an Australian software engineering team submitting the winning idea of mixed reality application development. It was awarded seed funding to explore the technology and potentially develop a new capability for Saab.

“The Australian team then developed a tactical display interface that drew more from Hollywood movies and science fiction than current combat management systems,” said David Ledger.  “The team also explored the boundaries of human interaction with 3D holographic battlefield visualisation which was embraced by the Royal Australian Airforce and adopted for Project Jericho”. Saab Australia is now projecting a whole new line of business built from this single innovation.

Microsoft provides the revolutionary mixed reality HoloLens platform, a lightweight, stylish headset that resembles designer sunglasses to project the rich holographic content over the physical world in front of you.

There are only a handful of accredited mixed reality application developers for the Microsoft HoloLens, which to-date is the world’s only untethered, self-contained holographic computer. “We are one of them and we’re using the technology at Pacific 2017 to showcase Saab’s ‘thinking edge’ naval capabilities for Asia-Pacific”.

David Ledger and Saab Australia senior mixed reality developer, Matthew Sanders will be available at Pacific 2017 to discuss and demonstrate the organisations capabilities in this groundbreaking technology and how it can be adapted for the naval military environment.

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