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Rearming the ANZACs

1 min read

The Australian ANZAC class warships have been one of the most successful shipbuilding projects in the country's history and their recent Anti-Ship Missile Defence upgrades have continued that success. ASPI has just published a fascinating insight into this upgrade project which highlights what vision and commitment is needed from government, defence and industry to push ahead using Australian technology and skills. 

Saab Australia has been integral to the design and development of the ANZAC class combat capabilities for the last 30 years and the ASPI story draws on many relfections from past and present Saab managers and senior engineers.

As within any good story it weaves a tale of strength of conviction, of understanding what is really important and what is really needed, about hard decisions and sometimes risky decisions but mostly about an overall committment to Australian industry and ingenuity.

Find out how the Royal Australian Navy ended up with one of the most capable frigates in the world:


ASPI Report : Rearming the ANZACs