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Saab-led team bidding to supply ADF with deployable healthcare solution

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Saab Australia has submitted its proposal for Joint Project 2060 Phase 3 to supply the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with an innovative deployable health capability.

The Saab-led team brings together some of the most trusted names in healthcare and is aiming to supply the ADF with a modular and scalable system that would provide deployed troops with an equivalent standard of clinical care to what they would receive at home. Saab Australia is the prime contractor for the team which includes Philips Australia, Aspen Medical, Marshall Land Systems and Broadspectrum.     

“If selected, the proposal would deliver a range of benefits not only to the ADF and Australian troops but also to the wider Australian community.” said Saab Australia Managing Director Andy Keough, “Our proposed solution is world leading and, collectively, our team has delivered and supported deployable health programs in the US, UK, Norway, Sweden, France, Africa and the Middle East. The program would involve the creation of more than 50 full-time jobs in Australia, the establishment of a dedicated facility in South-East Queensland and the transfer of knowledge from Saab’s global deployable heath system centre in Europe.”


The ADF announced the requirements for its deployable health capability (DHC) in a request for tender in June. It requires the successful tenderer to deliver a turn-key solution inclusive of all medical and dental equipment. The complete capability must be transportable, allow for primary, triage and specialist healthcare, and include physical structures as well as interfaces to water, power and waste disposal facilities.


Saab’s partners in the consortium bring with them a wealth of experience in healthcare and deployable infrastructure. Philips Australia is a recognised global leader in medical devices and products while Aspen medical is an Australian-owned company that has considerable contemporary experience in supporting and executing deployable health missions in a range of challenging environments. Marshall Land Systems is a leading provider of proven deployable health systems and Broadspectrum has proven experience in logistics and maintenance.