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Australia’s next major prison secured by Saab

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OneViewTM, Saab Australia’s physical security information management system will integrate all electronic security functions in what will be Australia’s largest correctional facility. The jail will contain up to 1000 male maximum security, 300 female maximum security, and 400 male minimum security prisoners.


Saab Australia’s project team has been working with builder, John Holland, at the 195 hectare site near the north-eastern New South Wales city of Grafton since early construction commenced last year.

“Our on-site project team is the critical interface between building works and the Adelaide engineers designing the system which integrate the various electronic systems managing the prison’s unique high security operations”, said Saab Australia project manager, Chris Vaai.

The OneView system will provide one user-friendly interface to manage more than twenty security management subsystems, including:

  • Accoutrement management and tracking
  • Anti-Vehicle ramming
  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Biometric identification
  • Cell intercom
  • Electronic access control
  • Hand held metal detection and ION scanning
  • Human presence detection
  • Inmate movement information
  • Intruder detection
  • Mobile duress alarms
  • Mobile phone detection
  • Public address
  • Secure communication network
  • Secure portal units
  • Security management
  • Under vehicle screening
  • Vehicle surveillance
  • Video management
  • Walk-through metal detection
  • Weapons and contraband detection
  • X Ray machines

The builder’s pre-cast, pre-fabricated build methodology will see this 1700 bed facility completed in the same time frame as the Queensland, Gatton 300 bed facility Saab Australia installed OneView in 2011.

“There’s a lot of pre-planning and design required up-front before any foundation can be poured onsite which is critical activity we have to get right,” said Chris Vaai. “Once the slab’s poured there’s no going back to install a conduit for something we might have missed, or placed in an incorrect position on the design drawings”.

To assist with this detailed level of planning design; Saab Australia is using 3D modeling software which is a first for the security integration design team.

“Managing the unique program schedules and identifying smarter, more efficient ways of doing things will be the keys for our delivery success on this project,” said Chris Vaai.

The Clarence Correctional Centre is the thirty-first facility to be secured by Saab Australia. Other OneView installations are in place in New Zealand and also Australian hospitals.

“Our deep breadth of experience with correctional centre security and new-build installations means we understand the processes and the sequences so we can minimise or eliminate any unforeseen impacts on schedule whilst delivering a quality system” said Chris Vaai.

The Clarence Correctional Centre is on track to be completed in mid-2020. The scale of the site can be viewed in an aerial video released to The Daily Examiner, the local newspaper for the Grafton region.