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Next generation 9LV Situational Awarness System for Australian offshore patrol vessels

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In April, Saab Australia signed a contract with the shipbuilder of Australia’s new offshore patrol vessels, to supply the situational awareness system. The system is based on Saab’s 9LV combat management system technology and a new 9LV Next Gen combat console will be designed in Australia using a modular concept to simplify future upgrades.


Image: Royal Australian Navy, ASC, Luerssen Australia

The contract for the design and integration of the Arafura class Situational Awareness System (SAS) was signed by Saab with Leurssen Australia in April 2018.

Systems to be integrated with the SAS include Saab’s Electro Optical System EOS-500, Terma Scanter 6002 2D surveillance radar, Safran EOS, Daronmont’s communications electronic support measures and the Leonardo 40mm naval gun.

Track information from the Terma Scanter is sent to the SAS along with both the air and surface radar video. The radar video can be displayed at any console and the track data is fused by the SAS with the other track data that is in the system to contribute to the tactical picture. 9The SAS includes sophisticated functions to ensure multiple track sources of the same target are correlated into a single track.

The built-in video tracker in the Saab EOS-500 provides automatic detection of up to four concurrent threats. Track information and TV/IR video from the EOS-500 is sent to the SAS and integrates with the tactical picture. The EOS video can also be selectively displayed at any command console.

Saab Australia is currently developing a new commmand console for the Arafura class based on a modular design concept to simplify future upgrades. The design is being undertaken in Australia with the initial prototype completed. Once the design is finalised the production will be subcontracted to Australian companies.

There is a lot of inherent capability in the approved SAS configuration. The combination of the Saab EOS-500 director and the new Leonardo 40mm gun combined with SAS fire control is likely to be the deadliest short-range defence system in ADF service. The overall system will have highly effective anti-aircraft and anti-surface warfare capabilities.

The design flexibility inherent in the Arafura Class and their 9LV Next Gen SAS also offer opportunities for future upgrades and additional enhancements such as integrated unmanned systems.

Being able to transport and launch autonomous unmanned vehicles into the air and maritime domains from the OPVs will create opportunities for a major information, surveillance, reconnaissance role as well as providing electronic warfare capabilities.


[Exerpts from ‘Keel laid for first Arafura Class OPV’ APDR June 2019]