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See below in 3D

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A new mixed reality application developed by Saab Australia is changing the way the mining and resources sectors manage their development and expansion plans.

Saab Australia developed the InDepthTM mixed reality application to visualise underground deposits and plan more precise drilling operations for the mining industry.

The industry anticipates the time, cost and risks InDepth will save them with future exploration and expansion work to be huge.

Using mixed reality technology, InDepth provides a graphical, three dimensional view of the mine site where users can actually walk around and drill down through the layers and strata in cutaway views.

It creates a digital twin of any site within a shared holographic workspace using Microsoft HoloLens' and a desktop computer.

With InDepth, engineers can interpret their data in a realistic visual form rather than numerically, which is more effective for identifying errors in seismic data.

Managers and technicians who work with digital plans or models, can fully explore and assess their plans from all angles to make better informed decisions.

To date, two of Australia’s leading gold mining producers have embraced the technology and are reaping the benefits in several ways.

InDepth is ideal for any industry that needs to plan complex underground work; pitch plans to investors and communities; make sense of underground explorations in context with neighbouring sites; and identify differences between planned and actual drill holes.

To find out more about mixed reality or how we can make it work for your business, contact Simon McDougall on 08 8343 3800.