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The sovereign hardware solution creating export opportunities and supporting local industry

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A legacy of leading combat management systems development, integration and delivery, coupled with the unique experience and understanding of Australian defence requirements, Saab has now designed, developed and locally manufactured its Multi Function Console (MFC) as the keystone hardware solution enabling the operation and management of complex systems.

Leveraging local expertise and experience, as well as close collaboration with Australian industry and academia, the new generation MFC provides a stable, intuitive hardware solution for the monitoring and control of multiple complex systems simultaneously. When used in conjunction with its command and control software (for example the Saab Combat Management System), its characteristics culminate to reduce operator mental load and fatigue.

The MFC provides a clear and distinct presentation of the tactical and operational environment, and combines innovative system design and hardware elements. Together with a logical human-computer interaction concept, the MFC is not only suitable in a naval platform environment, but for all types of defence and commercial applications. Uniquely modular, the consoles five modules can be individually modified or changed to allow full customisation to meet any specific requirement, making it incredibly versatile.

Design of the MFC balances technical requirements, time and cost efficiency with operational effectiveness and sustainability. This balance has been achieved through partnerships which included specialist engineering services by Applidyne and Human Factors and Ergonomic studies by The University of South Australia and Defence Science Technology Group. Combined with a proven local manufacturing supply chain, after successful capability testing and demonstration, the new generation MFC is now being manufactured in South Australia by SAGE Automation.


Innovative and modular
Innovative and modular
Exportable Data and in-country manufacture

The MFC’s core design methodology utilises current and readily available manufacturing technology, materials and techniques that result in a cost-effective product that can be reproduced anywhere in the world within an optimised framework.

Based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products

The components used in the MFC are based on proven and/or ruggedised COTS products, providing cost benefit and taking advantage of the rapid development of the commercial market to create a multi-functional concept that can be rapidly upgraded when required.

Ease of access and maintainability

All areas of the Multi Function Console can be quickly accessed through the hinged touch input display module, allowing for the main computing module and other modules to be fully removed, serviced or upgraded according to customer requirements. This means the Multi Function Console can be mounted directly against bulkheads, as access is not required to the rear for maintenance activity.



The MFC is 100 per cent Australian designed and manufactured, with 60 per cent Australian industry partner content and the remaining 40 per cent representing Saab’s design and personnel expertise in Australia. As a sovereign defence industry company and trusted partner of the Australian Defence Force – Saab continues to grow and create jobs for Australians, develop sovereign industrial capability and deliver advanced technology and systems to ensure the capability of Australian defence.