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Saab Australia welcomes Australian Government's new SME procurement targets

2 min read

Saab Australia proudly supports the Australian Government's recently announced procurement rules aimed at increasing opportunities for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The new guidelines, effective from July, mandate a higher target for sourcing from SMEs, stipulating that 25 per cent of procurements below $1 billion and 40 per cent of procurements below $20 million must be sourced from these vital contributors to the Australian economy.

Saab Australia commends these changes, recognising the significant role SMEs play in fostering innovation, agility, and economic growth. With 70 per cent of our Australian suppliers being SMEs, we understand the critical importance of supporting and partnering with small businesses to sustain a robust and competitive industrial base.

“Maintaining Australian Industry Capability is not just about awarding contracts to Australian SMEs, but the development of an enduring Australian sovereign industrial base,” said Andy Keough CSC, Managing Director of Saab Australia.

“These new procurement targets demonstrate the Government's commitment to building a resilient industrial sector.”

The updated procurement rules also introduce measures to simplify the process for entities to engage with small businesses. Saab Australia believes that these initiatives will not only enhance the efficiency of procurement processes but also encourage greater participation from SMEs, driving forward the Nation’s industrial capabilities.

Saab Australia has consistently championed the inclusion of SMEs within its supply chain. By fostering long-term partnerships with local businesses, we ensure that our projects are supported by innovative, high-quality solutions that benefit the entire Australian economy. Saab’s commitment to Australian Industry Capability (AIC) is reflected in our continuous efforts to integrate SMEs into our operations, contributing to sustainable growth and national resilience.

As the Australian Government rolls out these progressive procurement targets, Saab Australia looks forward to working closely with our SME partners to deliver world-class solutions and uphold our shared vision of a robust and sovereign Australian industrial base.