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Saab Global
Earth in orbit

Undeniable access to space

Sovereign designed mission system shines in space

Saab Australia's expertise in multi-domain command and control (C2) solutions is now giving users undeniable access to space.

Command and control is synonymous with Saab and it's this domain expertise that underpins its successful development of space capability.
Saab's space domain awareness, which maintains real-time observational intelligence, protection, and analysis between Earth and space-based assets, is a Space 2.0-aligned, open architecture paradigm that combines inputs from all domains.

A critical function of defence and security activity, Saab's Australian-designed and controlled mission system delivers invaluable intellectual property, which will further enhance Australia's security and future.

Saab is executing an agile development program that has the capacity to answer current and future capability needs for the Australian Defence Force. The intelligence harnessed from assets in space can also be used for sectors including climatic analysis and monitoring, disaster management and recovery, resource management, health and financial services, and entertainment.


Open architecture enables agile development

Saab's strategic approach to using open architecture enables agile and evergreen development and the integration of products from SMEs and research organisations. This commitment to increasing industry capability and partnering with Australian companies, develops sovereign capabilities that enhance the utilisation of low to middle Earth orbit space technologies. It is smart partnering at its best.

Greater need for asset, information and enabler protection

The calls for the protection of assets are amplified as the global reliance on space-derived information becomes normalised. Frontline surveillance protection by Saab will monitor actions and behaviours of space capabilities, helping to keep people and society safe.

Space presents untold opportunities for discovery

Saab is igniting the industry and its opportunities to translate solutions, build the skills of Australia's workforce, and contribute to healthier economies and ecosystems. Saab's continued support of the Commonwealth's strategy, and its commitment to further the space domain will result in greater Australian-designed and controlled mission system solutions. These solutions will yield vast benefits to the sovereign capability and economic opportunities of this country, and the current and future needs of the mission operators.

Delivering sovereign solutions with global reach

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