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SAFE for Indian Airports: A look at how Indian airports can increase efficiencies and security

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India had a yearly traffic of more than 341 million passengers at airports across the country before COVID and about 53.4 million passengers (domestic) in FY21. As we slowly move towards a post pandemic world, this number should increase in the future. This, coupled with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of 400 operational airports will necessitate an expansion of the sector. To optimise operations of such a large scale, maintaining a safe and secure airport environment will be critical.


Saab's SAFE facilitates the movement of airplanes, passengers and cargo in the most efficient, safe and secure way. With up-to-date data coupled with precise resource management tools, SAFE aids in seamless coordination of responses.

SAFE Enables Quicker and Better Decisions

A present-day control room deals with handling of several complex and ever-changing threat scenarios, scattered information, and data flowing in from multiple sources. SAFE integrates and connects all the functions of a control room into a single unified software application. It can easily integrate with other systems, databases and sensors and offers customisable user interface to operators.

SAFE enables automation of standard processes and streamlining of resources. The platform provides a Common Operational Picture (COP) enabling multiple users to share information and make informed decisions real quick. The advantages of COP include early detection, improved containment to minimise impact, superior BI and KPI tracking, and more in-depth reports.

In the event of any unusual activity, SAFE's precise data-driven dashboards and resource management tools offer instant insights and enable proper response. When coupled with Aerobahn, Saab’s Surface Management system, SAFE can provide predictive guidance on event flows, such as passenger and airplane flows.

According to Varun Vijay Singh, Marketing Director Public Safety & ATM, “With over 35 deployments around the world including at airports, police forces, public transport systems, to maximum security correctional facilities, Saab’s SAFE is a trusted open-integration software platform. SAFE can enable Indian airports to handle the most challenging incidents and crises.”

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