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Safe airport

SAFE Airport

Situational Awareness for Enhanced Security is an open-integration software platform for mission-critical operations. SAFE is used in command and control rooms at places like airports, law enforcement operations centers and maximum security correctional facilities.

Key features

SAFE integrates all the functions required of a modern control room into a single unified software application.
SAFE is designed to empower users to make more informed decisions faster by creating a Common Operational Picture.
SAFE is built around a powerful workflow-based rules engine and customizable user interface.

Better Decisions, Faster

SAFE is a modern software solution to the growing needs of businesses that marks an end to the crippling information siloes and create truly usable enterprise situational awareness.

SAFE integrates and connects all elements of a control room and distributes information that enhances performance in “normal” day-to-day operations, as well as during the most challenging incidents and crises. SAFE’s powerful embedded rule engine enables users to seamlessly collaborate in real-time with all connected users, offering instant information and the ability to decide and communicate the best course of action. SAFE stores all information and can provide detailed event reports useful for capturing lessons learned and to show compliance with guidelines and regulations.

Airport Applications

Facilitating the movement of airplanes, passengers and cargo in the most efficient, safe and secure way is the number one priority, and a shared interest, of all airport stakeholders. With an integrated collaborative environment provided by SAFE, all parties are positioned to benefit through the ability to automate standard processes and be on the alert for any out of the ordinary events.

All airport stakeholders need to be adaptive, pro-active and predictive to operate effectively. SAFE provides users’ up-to-date data coupled with precise resource management tools to coordinate needed responses. SAFE provides data-driven dashboards that give instant insights into key-performance indicators to the near and long term operational health of the airport. As more data sources are integrated into SAFE, such as Saab’s Surface Management system, Aerobahn, predictive guidance on event flows, such as passenger and airplane flows, can be provided. SAFE and Aerobahn is the core of Saab’s Total Airport Management Solution, offering the capability for integrated airside, landside and terminal operations.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement applications

With SAFE, emergency response services, police and rescue services can simultaneously access a common situation picture to share intelligence and streamline resources. Those on the front lines have access to information as it unfolds in real-time, integrating communication, advanced resource planning, and decision-making tools. Operations are well prepared, having assigned the right resources, at the right place, in time with SAFE’s built-in advanced computer-aided dispatch (CAD) engine.

SAFE Airport

Did you know...

  • SAFE has over 35 deployments world wide ranging from airports, police forces, public transport systems, to maximum security correctional facilities.
  • SAFE is an integration platform and can easily integrate with other systems, databases and sensors, and has a growing library of successful integrations.
  • SAFE enables a secure, robust, and future proof Event Management solution with a modular design, vast scalability, and extensive configurability. 

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