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The Various Tactical Advantages of a Single-Use Weapon

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When we refer to a modern infantry soldier carrying a weapon, more often than not, we talk about a reusable weapon. The soldier can fire multiple times and engage with targets for a longer duration. Sounds just about right. But did you know that like multiple-use weapons, single-use weapons also make a lot of sense in the modern war theatre?


High firepower

AT4 equipped soldiers are ready for anything. With all capabilities required for mission success in place, including night and confined space abilities, AT4 soldiers can act quickly without worrying if the surrounding environment is suitable for discharging a weapon. The 84mm caliber provides more than sufficient performance when you need it.

Simple to use

As compared to reloadable weapons that feature sophisticated functions, disposable weapons are often easier to use. "First of all, simplicity of use means soldiers can be immediately deployed with a weapon like AT4 with basic training. We are talking about training of just a day or two. Secondly, the simple functions also mean that soldiers will be able to fire from their instincts during the heat of the battle instead of remembering the workings of the weapon,” says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab’s business area Dynamics.

Wider distribution of firepower

When you have a single-use, non-expert weapon, you can deploy a large number of troops with the weapon. And when multiple AT4 rounds are fired by multiple troops at the same time, the chances of dominating a target gets a lot higher.

In the end, it all boils down to the fact that modern troops face a variety of mission scenarios. If a weapon system fulfils the requirements of an operator, it will find a place.

The Indian Armed Forces have selected Saab's AT4 as their new single-shot weapon. Besides the less weight, AT4 offers its users ease of use and handling. For any experience level, a dismounted soldier simply aims, fires and destroys the target before discarding the empty tube. With AT4, the Indian Armed Forces will also have a major advantage in the form of confined space capability. The use of a sea water counter-mass in the AT4 allows it to be used in closed rooms and close to walls without harm to the operator or those around him.