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AT4 Family

Our AT4 family is one of the most successful anti-armour weapons ever. Lightweight, man-portable and fully disposable weapons, each is optimised for anyone to use.

Key features

High fire power
Ease of use
Effective range of 200–1,000 m

Meet the AT4 family

WeightEffective rangeArmour penetration
ATCS HP< 8 kg300 m420 mm
AT4CS RS< 8 kg300 m350 mm
AT4CS ER< 9 kg600 m460mm
AT4CS TW~ 9 kg200mN/A
AT4CS HE< 9 kg600 m (impact mode/point targets)
1000 m (airburst mode)

Flexible and man-portable support

Combat-proven across the world, all of our AT4 support weapons are lightweight, single-shot and fully disposable.

For any experience level, a dismounted soldier simply aims, fires and destroys the target before discarding the empty tube. AT4 is truly characterised by its ease of use and handling. Our AT4 family is ready for anything, providing the capabilities required for mission success, including night and confined space abilities. The 84mm caliber provides more than sufficient performance when you need it.

AT4 winter

Welcome to the family


AT4CS HP is an anti-armour weapon with confined-space capability. It benefits from a warhead uniquely optimised to penetrate armourand a launch system offering very high effectiveness against armoured targets.


The AT4CS RS anti-armour weapon is easy to operate and has a unique bi-metal warhead design, specially developed to maximise behind-armour effect. The weapon offers confined space capability with improved insensitive munition, while still providing a powerful and robust launch system.


AT4CS ER is an anti-armour weapon designed to provide extended range and maximum penetration with confined-space capability. As with most AT4 family weapons, it comes with an integrated red dot sight and additional bracket system.


AT4CS AST has confined-space capability as well as an integrated red dot sight and additional bracket system. The AT4CS AST is a weapon optimised for urban
combat, capable of defeating multiple target types as well as creating new entry points into buildings.


The AT4CS HE provides the single soldier with overmatching firepower to defeat enemy troops at range. It also includes confined-space capability as well as an integrated red dot sight and additional bracket system. Airburst mode for defeating troops behind cover or in trenches is possible using a compatible external sight mounted to the weapon.


Despite different capabilities, from anti-armour and anti-structure to anti-personnel and high-explosive, the family has identical handling and offers maximum versatility.


Did you know...

Saab's AT4 system is one of the most successful anti-armour weapon systems, which can be used against a wide area of targets. Here are some interesting facts about AT4 that you may not already know.

  • The letters AT were adopted to signify the AT4’s anti-tank capabilities
  • AT4 is a play on words of ‘eighty-four’, the calibre
  • More than 1 million AT4's have been produced
The AT4 family is readily deployed by over 15 countries worldwide.

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Mats Fagerberg
Head of Marketing and Sales

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