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Giraffe AMB

The Giraffe AMB 3D radar surveillance system provides key capabilities for ground-based air defence (GBAD) in the short to medium range and buys time to ensure freedom of manoeuvre and support air superiority. At the same time, Giraffe AMB is a perfect mobile gap filler in long-range air defence.


The hydraulic mast of the Giraffe AMB multi-mission surveillance system raises the antenna to a height of 12 metres, which enables improved radar coverage at low altitudes and greater operational freedom. Giraffe AMB can be operated remotely or locally.

The combination of powerful surveillance radar and integrated C3 functionality enables the armed forces to quickly acquire the air situation picture and thus react immediately and effectively to changing threats and new tactics under changing operational conditions. Giraffe AMB classifies and tracks aircraft, helicopters, small UAVs, jammers and ballistic targets. The Giraffe AMB radar surveillance system has a high system update rate and a target repetition time of 1 second.

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