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Giraffe AMB graded

Giraffe AMB

Giraffe AMB provides accurate real-time air target information creating time to act. Its built-in C3 system makes it ideal for use as a combined multi-mission sensor and GBAD command post.
Giraffe AMB RBS 70
Giraffe AMB, UK, Village

Key features

True simultaneous multi-mission functionality
Fully self-contained solution providing high operational and strategic mobility
High update rate - 1 second target revisit time

Multi-mission surveillance system for Ground Based Air Defence

Giraffe AMB delivers key capabilities for short to medium range Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD), creating time to secure freedom of manoeuvre and support air superiority. The combination of a powerful surveillance radar and integrated C3 functionality provide forces with swift understanding of the air situation, enabling immediate and effective responses to changing threats and new tactics in shifting operational conditions.

Giraffe AMB monitors the air volume 360° for air targets from supersonic fighters, cruise missiles and helicopters, down to small, slow and low-flying UAVs. It is simultaneously capable to locate and warn for incoming rockets, artillery and mortar rounds. Due to the systems high update rate, 1-second target revisit time, and tracking accuracy Giraffe AMB provides accuracy for real-time control and engagement-quality target data for VSHORAD to MRAD effectors.

The Saab Giraffe AMB consist of a radar sensor that operates at the C-band, and a scalable Command, Control & Communication solution housed in a fully self-contained 20ft ISO-container cabin. A hydraulically operated mast elevates the Antenna to 12 m above ground, providing improved low altitude radar coverage and freedom of deployment.

Maintaining air situational awareness

Integrated medium- and short-range GBAD systems are supported in multiple simultaneous engagements. The Giraffe AMB classifies and tracks fixed wing, helicopter, small UAVs, jammer and ballistic targets.

Giraffe AMB medium-range 3D radar surveillance system is an ideal sensor for integrated medium- and short range as well as a perfect mobile gap filler in long-range air defence, providing airspace commanders with the capabilities needed for maintaining continuous and accurate air situational awareness.

It is a mobile deployable or fixed asset for air surveillance that is operated remotely or locally providing a networked air picture. Giraffe AMB allows for standard or customised data link integration.

Giraffe AMB UK

Assuring ground-based air defence capabilities

By combining a true multi-mission radar system and a powerful C3 system, Giraffe AMB delivers an accurate air picture with high update rate and highly automated functions for planning, threat evaluation, weapon assignment and target distribution. This gives the commander responsible for GBAD a multifunctional protection with everything needed for safeguarding people and assets – protection from the ground up.
Giraffe AMB can detect fast missiles and small UAVs even in high-clutter environments. It offers flexible integration of weapon systems and tactical data links. Altogether, this makes the system able to handle multiple defended assets and various types of firing units. The system is fully self-contained with all support systems and C3, highly mobile and deploys in less than 10 minutes.

Force and asset protection

  • 360˚ detection and tracking of small ballistic objects (shells and rockets) even in severe ground clutter
  • Prediction of impact location
  • Automatic warning generated before impact in protected area
  • Optional functions for enhanced low, slow and small (ELSS) target detection, which provides a dedicated counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capability.

Giraffe common capabilities

  • High accuracy 3D air target information
  • Large continous volume coverage and high update rate
  • Simultaneous multi-functionality
  • C-UAS Sense capability
  • C-RAM Sense & Warn

Proven multi-mission capability

Giraffe AMB provides simultaneous air surveillance, GBAD target acquisition and sense & warn capabilities without performance degradation. It is combat-proven over more than 150,000 h in full operation and can also be equipped with sea surface detection capability.

A story from our UK users.

Giraffe AMB graded

Did you know...

... that it only takes one second between a certain threat is revisited and the radar provides and target data update

  • Combat proven with 24/7 capability with more than 150,000 h in full operation.
  • Deploys in less than 10 minutes with a teardown time of less than 5 minutes.
  • Giraffe AMB is housed in a fully self-contained 20ft ISO-container cabin
seconds between target data updates

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25 September 2020

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