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Training the Next Generation of Marines: How Saab’s MCTIS System Advances Mission Readiness

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In 2021, the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) contracted with Saab to provide a next-generation live training system to replace its previous live training program. Falling under Saab’s robust Training and Simulation Services Platform, the Marine Corps Tactical Instrumentation System (MCTIS) represents an evolution in Marine Corps training, designed to prepare the next generation of Marines for combat readiness.

MCTIS is custom-built to serve as the USMC’s new program of record, leveraging Saab’s globally deployed capability to meet their unique and demanding requirements. The program is utilized during the final exercise at the Infantry Officer Course (IOC) to give future infantry commanders a quantifiable After-Action Review of everything they learned throughout the course.

“For almost a quarter of a century, I served in the United States Marine Corps. During this time, I was either in the infantry community or dealing with training and educating our future warfighters. Within my career, I have never seen a system that can give such high-fidelity feedback on what we need to work on through our tactics, techniques, and procedures. The data analytics and real-time feedback allow for rapid changes to maximize adjustments during a training workup and give commanders the feedback they need to better prepare their units for the mission.” – Tony Viggiani, U. S. Marine Corps Gunner (RET) and Saab Field Service Technical Deputy

The MCTIS training immerses Marines in realistic scenarios and carefully analyzes their decision-making and actions. High-tech vests equipped with detectors provide each Marine with customized information and playback both during the simulated battle and After-Action Reviews (AARs). These AARs provide commanders with objective methods for measuring the wartime readiness of their Marines.

Saab’s training and simulation programs also provide common platforms and interoperable solutions that enable joint international training opportunities in diverse environments. This type of training allows NATO and partner nations to share tactics and best practices for improved combined operational effectiveness.

As part of the contract, Saab will deliver MCTIS equipment for 16 battalions to better prepare Marines for their next mission through enhanced overall efficiency, lethality and survivability as individuals and units.

The MCTIS features:

  • Individual manworn weapon simulators
  • A vest-integrated communications system and GPS antenna
  • Exercise control and after-action review capabilities
  • Real-time support with both fixed site and expeditionary system capabilities, so that Marines can train from anywhere in the world.

“The core objective of this project is to save American lives. More than 80% of our staff on the MTCIS program are United States veterans who know firsthand the necessity of after-action reviews in officer training. We know the dangers that Marines face, and we’re proud to play a part in preparing the next generation. We always strive to stay on the cutting-edge of technology, and the Training and Simulation Services program enables us to use our expertise to support U.S. armed forces.” – Brad Barnard, General Manager, Land Systems