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Job losses at Saab

Job losses at Saab As a result of the earlier decision to cease production of regional aircraft Saab 340 and Saab 2000, Saab is terminating the employment of 111 workshop employees. Notice was given in September 1998 to 475 staff, but thanks to proactive measures this figure had been reduced considerably. Just over 1,800 people within Saab AB and Saab Aircraft originally worked on regional aircraft. Since the decision to phase out was taken, a series of measures have been implemented to cushion the consequences for the employees affected. Just over 600 staff have been assigned alternative duties within the Saab Group. A hundred or so have also received further training, or training in a completely new area. For example, Saab has initiated comprehensive training programs for qualification as system engineers, constructors, tool-makers and NC operators. Contact has also been established with other companies. Some 20 companies have visited Saab, and in many cases contact has resulted in offers of employment. To date, some 200 personnel have also accepted early retirement. - It´s of course always regretful to have to make people redundant. However, considering some 1,800 personnel were originally in the risk zone, it´s obviously positive that so many have found new jobs or other solutions, says Gert Schyborger, President of Saab Aircraft AB. The decision to terminate production of regional aircraft in mid-1999 was taken by Saab´s Board of Directors on 15 December 1997. The phasing-out process is proceeding according to schedule, and the last major project - a Saab 2000 for Swiss Crossair - will be delivered on 29 April. Saab is now strengthening its civil aircraft role as an international business partner, by instead supplying e.g. sub-systems to other manufacturers of large passenger aircraft, such as world leaders Boeing and Airbus. Subsidiary Saab Dynamics AB is also announcing redundancies. 20 workshop employees are being given notice following reduced use of capacity in the production department. There is also some over-employment within Saab AB as a whole, both on the factory floor and in administration, so further redundancies cannot be ruled out. For further information, please contact: Gert Schyborger, President Saab Aircraft AB +46 13-184050 Anders Annerfalk, Vice President Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Saab Aircraft AB +46 13-182022 Roland Gäreskog, Vice President Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Saab Dynamics AB +46 13-186320 Lars Jagerfelt, Vice President Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Saab AB +46 13-187165 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: