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Saab Training Systems Receives $44m Order from US Army

Saab Training Systems Receives $44m Order from US Army Saab Training Systems AB, Huskvarna, Sweden, has been awarded a $44m order by the US Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command (STRICOM) to complete the delivery of four deployable instrumentation training systems for the US Army forces in Europe and a large TWGSS/PGS production option. The Deployable Instrumentation Training Systems (DITS) is the US Army training system based largely on Saab's GAMER system. GAMER is a mobile, computerized radio control instrumentation system providing combined arms training for armored and infantry units. The instrumentation is based largely on the existing US Army precision simulators produced by Saab Training Systems called the Tank Weapons Gunnery Simulator System (TWGSS) and the Precision Gunnery System (PGS) for the Abrams tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Light Armored Vehicle (LAV). The production contract was awarded in September 1992 by STRICOM. The US Army contract including US Marine Corps and Foreign Military Sales options is now valued at $222 million with more than 2,000 simulators delivered to over thirty locations world wide. The $44m order also includes a new production option which is the largest order for the precision simulators in the eight year production program. The soldiers will have the latest instrumented Lightweight Personnel Detection Devices (LPDDs) and Small Arms Transmitters (SATs) for infantry weapons. Armored and combat support vehicles use the precision simulators produced by Saab or older MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) simulators for direct fire engagements. The system has also "robotic" players in the form of instrumented Shoot-Back Targets for both tank and infantry targets. DITS has a realistic instrumented simulation of indirect artillery, minefields and chemical weapons and has a comprehensive After Action Review (AAR) capability. The system design structure of DITS is modular making it easy to configure to satisfy the training needs from platoon through brigade level. DITS will instrument 200 vehicles and 700 infantry by next fall and will be able to be divided into four independent exercise areas for deployed training in remote regions. A contract for a similar Mobile Combat Training Center was awarded by the Dutch Army. The Saab laser simulators are used by the British, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and US Armed Forces and have become the NATO standard gunnery and combat simulator for armored vehicles and anti-tank weapons. Saab Training Systems is a company within the Saab Group, specialized in military training equipment; laser simulator systems, combat training systems, visual simulators and target equipment. Saab is northern Europe's leading high technology company, mainly active in the defense, aviation and space industry, and offers advanced products and systems based on sophisticated information technology. The business areas within Saab are Infomatics, Aerospace, Dynamics, Technical Support and Services, Space and Aviation Services. For further information, please contact: Johan Ohlson, President Saab Training Systems AB Phone: +46 36 38 86 01 J├Ârgen Lindgren, President Saab Training Inc., Orlando, USA Phone: +1 407 380 2425 +1 407 496 5268 Hans Standar, Vice President Marketing, Saab Training Systems AB Phone: +46 36 38 87 06 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: