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The industrial cooperation program meets the Austrian government´s requirements

THE INDUSTRIAL COOPERATION PROGRAM MEETS THE AUSTRIAN GOVERNMENT´S REQUIREMENTS The criteria for offset agreements in connection with the procurement of new interceptor aircraft are clearly defined in the Request for Proposals of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour in Austria: "... 2. Basic goals · Technology transfer · Investments furthering education and job qualification · Establishment of businesses and direct investments in Austria · Safeguarding and improving the employment situation · Regional distribution · Strong and lasting supply relationships · Opening up of new markets for existing companies and products · Consideration of the predominance in the Austrian economic structure of small and middle-sized businesses..." The Gripen Team fully meets these requirements. The following list includes ten examples from more than 110 projects in our Industrial Cooperation Program to prove this: Project Partner Description Information and Frequentis As the result of very Communications Nachrichtentech intense cooperation with Technology nik GmbH AerotechTelub, a company of the Saab Group, the Austrian high-tech company Frequentis Nachrichtentechnik GmbH was able to obtain orders to supply voice communication systems (VCS) to the Linköping (Sweden) airport. This contract opens up numerous other possibilities for the showpiece Austrian company Frequentis - the worldwide market leader in the critical security area of communications and information systems - to provide equipment for other airports. On 17 January 2002, in addition to the contract with Linköping, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was also signed between Frequentis and AerotechTelub. Within the framework of this cooperation, in the future AerotechTelub will not only serve as the supplier, but will also support the marketing of Frequentis airport products in Sweden and other Gripen markets. Life Sciences Meteka GmbH Meteka GmbH in Judenburg develops, produces and sells a wide range of products for the safe and environmentally friendly collection, disinfection and disposal of infectious waste materials in the medical field. This family-owned company is increasingly concentrating on foreign markets as well as the Austrian one. In order to be successful internationally, one must be able to fall back on a network of local contacts. The Gripen Team can provide optimal support in this. Automotive Automobilcluste With its partners, r Automobil-Cluster (AC) in Upper Austria continually develops new product improvements for vehicles. Access to international car manufacturers is thus essential. The Gripen Team supports AC on an ongoing basis - for example, at Scania, where a significant improvement process could be introduced, thanks to the demonstration of innovative solutions for parts and modules. Additional steps will follow this first one and will give the economy of Upper Austria new momentum. Research and active Along with active Development photonics photonics in Villach, the Gripen Team is working on the development of a compact infrared camera, to be mounted on a helmet, which is planned for future use in firefighting, personal protection and the rescuing of accident victims. The first prototypes have already been tested. A completely new, highly intelligent product is emerging that will later be exported to neighbouring countries and also create new jobs in Villach. Research and Life Optics® Life Optics®, global Development technology leader in the area of advanced headmounted vision systems, is the producer of the first mobile, binocular, close-up telescopic vision system for surgeons with variable enlargement, automatic focus and automatic parallax compensation. The Varioscope® is a combination of applied high-tech optics and the most advanced electronics. Cooperation with the Gripen Team should enable the Austrian company to enter the Scandinavian market very quickly. In addition, joint work is in progress to achieve a prompt launch of the industrial version of the Varioscope®, which will further R&D efforts in micromanufacturing. Life Sciences VBC-Genomics VBC-Genomics Bioscience Bioscience Research GmbH is a young Research GmbH Austrian biotech company that, in addition to providing services such as DNA sequencing and oligonucleotide synthesis, has specialised in the development of molecular diagnostics. Its FemSensor®, a SNP detection chip for the mutation analysis of relevant genes in female estrogens balance, is already on the market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Later this year the SAC® (immunological solidphase allergen chip), a protein chip for the diagnosis of Type 1 allergic immune reactions, will be launched. Along with VBC- Genomics, the Gripen Team will support and promote its services and products in Great Britain and Sweden. Environment AGS GmbH In cooperation with the AGS GmbH in Graz and the Foree Oil Company from the USA, the Gripen Team is researching the potential of extracting methane gas from coal mines - for example in Fohnsdorf. The future usefulness of this project lies, on the one hand, in utilising domestic gas supplies - thus reducing import needs - and, on the other, in contributing to environmental protection by reducing possible methane gas emissions. The project is bringing research and development, as well as investments, into the region and is also creating jobs in Styria. Research and JOANNEUM JOANNEUM RESEARCH Development RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Austria's biggest R&D facility owned by a province, is active in the area of applied research and development for business, industry and management. Thanks to the support of Gripen International, cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is being realised. As part of this process, both organisations are presently preparing a cooperative proposal for an EU project. The Gripen Team has made necessary know-how available to its partners. Research and Vienna This medical research Development University of project brings scientists Technology from Sweden and from the Vienna University of Technology together. The objective of this joint project of the Institute for Microtechnique and Precision Engineering in Austria and several Swedish Universities is to develop innovative medical devices among others for eye surgery. Automotive Alulight Gripen International is International working with the Upper GmbH Austrian company Alulight on promoting the use of aluminium foam in the automotive industry. Further information is available from: Owe Wagermark, Senior Vice President Communications, Gripen International Phone: +46 13 18 4014 Mobile: +46 70 889 60 00 Fax: +46 13 18 0055 Marie Aktö, Communications Manager, Gripen International Phone: +46 13 18 4216 Mobile: +46 70 989 71 10 Dr. Manfred Waldenmair, PR Consultant for Austria be.public Werbung Finanzkommunikation GmbH phone: +43 1 503 2 503 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: