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Danish Aerotech and Saab conclude an agreement worth DKK 200 million

Danish Aerotech A/S and Saab AB have just concluded a cooperation agreement that ensures orders for Danish Aerotech worth up to 200 million Danish kroner, provided Denmark decides to purchase the Gripen fighter as a replacement for its current F-16 fighters. Danish Aerotech is expecting to supply Saab with mechanical, electrical and electronic components as part of the new cooperation agreement.

The Danish government is expected to reach a decision by 2008 on which fighter will replace Denmark’s F-16 programme in a few years’ time. The agreement with Danish Aerotech is part of a major industry and development package being offered by Saab if Denmark chooses to purchase Gripen aircraft.

“Danish Aerotech has worked long and hard to ensure that a broad spectrum of Danish companies can become co-producers of Gripen. I am extremely pleased that this cooperation agreement enables us to take an important step towards cementing Saab’s good intentions when it comes to involving Danish industry in the development and production of a Danish version of the fighter. Experience from the F-16 procurement shows that large purchases by Danish Defence create multiple orders and more workplaces for Danish companies throughout the aircraft’s service life. With this agreement, Danish Aerotech has ensured that it will have access to the latest technology. We also expect the agreement to provide enough work to justify taking on 10-15 more employees,” says Søren E. Petersen, the Managing Director of Danish Aerotech.

Manne Koerfer, the Marketing Director at Gripen International in Denmark, says:
“Fulfilling obligations associated with industrial cooperation that follow in the wake of deliveries to Danish Defence is a top priority at Saab. Gripen is already operational in the Swedish, Czech and Hungarian air forces, and deliveries are underway to South Africa. Saab has developed long-term collaborative partnerships with local companies in all these countries, and the transfer of technology that has taken place thanks to the Gripen programme brings numerous benefits in both the short and long term. I am sure that our cooperation agreement with Danish Aerotech will benefit both parties.”

Since the company was established in 1992, Danish Aerotech has been responsible for all maintenance on Danish Defence’s Saab T-17 training aircraft. This new agreement is helping to cement the good relationship between two long-standing collaborative partners.

Danish Aerotech A/S based at the Karup Air Base produces components for, among others, F-16 fighters and EH-101 helicopters and maintains aircraft, helicopters and weapons systems for NATO and the Danish Air Force, including T-17 training aircraft, Sidewinder/AMRAAM missiles and LANTIRN targeting systems.

For further information please contact:
Søren E. Petersen, Danish Aerotech A/S, tel. no.: +45 99 62 62 62
Owe Wagermark, Gripen International, tel. no.: +46 734 18 18 24