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Gripen Demo – Trail-blazing the future

Saab is launching its plans for a new Gripen Demonstrator programme in partnership with some of the world’s leading aerospace companies. “This programme will keep Gripen at the leading edge well beyond 2040”, says Johan Lehander, Managing Director Gripen International.

A powerful partnership between Saab and some of the world’s leading aerospace companies has been established to prepare the launch of the Gripen Demonstrator programme. This new programme is aimed at demonstrating a range of future technologies and capabilities to ensure that Gripen remains at the leading edge of fighter aircraft performance and capability well beyond 2040.

The demonstrator programme will include the development of a new Gripen test flying platform - Gripen Demo - and the Gripen Avionics Rig. Gripen Demo will include new features such as a new engine with increased thrust, an AESA radar, increased range, new landing gear, increased weapons and stores capabilities and enhanced avionics structures. The programme is driven by the future needs of current and potential customers, and incorporates state-of-the-art technology that will keep Gripen at the leading edge well into the future.

This programme complements and enhances Gripen’s ongoing technology insertion programme with the highly successful Gripen C/D version now being delivered to customers worldwide.

Investment in the programme will be made by Saab and its international industrial partners, as well as potential future customers. In April 2007, Norway signed a Letter of Agreement regarding the future development of Gripen, valued at around USD 25 million, and the Swedish government is also expected to make a decision soon. These decisions represent a significant national and international government investment and commitment to Gripen’s future.

General Electric together with Volvo, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, APPH, Martin-Baker and Terma are just some of the world-leading aerospace companies that, together with Saab, will jointly invest in the Gripen Demonstrator programme. Saab is continuing its discussions with other industrial partners and suppliers regarding further investment in the programme.

This combination of international corporate partnership and national and international commitment, through a jointly funded industry and government investment programme, is a very powerful testament to Gripen’s future.

“The Gripen Demonstrator programme, supported by our world leading industrial partners, will strengthen our position in the international market and will keep Gripen at the leading edge throughout its lifetime, well beyond 2040”, says Johan Lehander Managing Director Gripen International.

General Electric:
GE Aviation and Volvo Aero Corporation will be working collaboratively on the new F414G fighter engine for the Gripen Demonstrator programme.

The F414G engine selected by Saab uses a similar architecture to the popular F414-GE-400 engine powering the F/A-18 Super Hornet, with minor changes to the alternator (for added aircraft power) and modified Full Authority Digital Electronic Control software for enhances single-engine operation. The F414 engine is capable of producing more than 22,000 pounds (96 kN) of thrust.

These engines combine advanced technology with proven reliability, maintainability and operability of its successful F404 predecessor while providing 35 % more thrust, with approximately 750,000 flight-hours and 700 engines delivered, the F414 engine continues to exceed U.S. Navy reliability goals.

For further information, please contact:
Greg Haas, Communications Director
+ 1 513-243-4714, + 1 513-325-5409

Fredrik Fryklund, Communications Director, Volvo Aero Corporation
+46 (0)70 319 23 96

Honeywell is providing environmental control systems, air data computers, life support systems, pressure regulators, shutoff valves and radar altimeters to enhance safety and reliability.

For further information, please contact:
Jim O’Leary, Media Relations Manager

Rockwell Collins is providing an avionics suite of state-of-the-art Flight Management Computers, including switching, data transfer units and video processing capability. Rockwell Collins is also supplying three new intelligent 6” x 8” colour Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) Head-Down displays, and

is integrating enhancements to the existing Rockwell Collins Head-Up Display. This cockpit solution builds upon experience built up over many years in the market and will leverage future technology investments.

Tim Burris, Senior Director of Enterprise Communications
+ 1 319 431 6019

Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Limited, a world leader of aircrew escape systems, is to be involved with the new Gripen Demonstrator Programme. Martin-Baker will supply a first-class ejection seat for this aircraft and support Saab in future aircrew safety requirements.

For further information, please contact:
Andrew Martin, Head of Business Development
+ 44 1895836658

APPH Ltd, a BBA Aviation company, will be a part of the exiting new development of the Gripen. The design enhancements to the existing and already proven landing gear system will contribute towards the Gripen Demonstrator programmes future success.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Creasy, General Sales Manager
+ 44 1928 579 366

Terma is sub-contracted to supply a variety of machined metal parts for the Gripen Demonstrator programme. As the leading defence and aerospace company in Denmark, Terma has unique knowledge, capabilities and experience within design and production of advanced structural parts for military and commercial aircraft.

For further information, please contact:
Kasper Rasmussen, VP Corporate Communications
+45 2022 6091


Notes to Editors

About Saab:
Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents and constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.

About Gripen:
Gripen is the first of the new generation, multi-role combat aircraft to enter service. Using the latest available technology it is capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air and air-to-surface operational missions and employs the latest weapons. Gripen is designed to meet the demands of current and future threats, while at the same time meeting strict requirements for flight safety, reliability, training efficiency and low operating costs.

Gripen is in service with the Swedish, Czech Republic and Hungarian Air Forces and has also been ordered by South Africa. The UK Empire Test Pilots’ School (ETPS) is also operating Gripen as its advanced fast jet platform for test pilots worldwide.