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Saab teams up with RUAG Aerospace to offer midlife upgrade for Austrian Saab 105OE aircraft

Saab Aerotech and RUAG Aerospace have jointly responded to a Request for Information (RFI) from the Austrian Ministry of Defence regarding a midlife upgrade (MLU) of their Saab105OE aircraft fleet.

In order to deliver solutions for the MLU as well as the long-term support program, Saab Aerotech and RUAG Aerospace have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for future cooperation.

The Air Force Material Division of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence has issued a RFI regarding a midlife upgrade of 22 Saab 105OE. In order for these aircraft to be operated another 10-15 years the avionics system needs to be modernized.

The response from Saab Aerotech and RUAG Aerospace includes three alternative concepts for the MLU upgrade. These concepts give the flexibility to integrate basic as well as advanced functionality, such as on-board simulation and head up displays. In addition, Saab also proposes an implementation and support program for the concepts.

“Besides the proposed cooperation with RUAG we have suggested a team that also includes major suppliers such as CMC Electronics and, of course, very close cooperation with the Austrian Air Force and industry”, says Torsten Öhman, VP, Head of Gripen and Saab 105 Programs at Saab Aerotech.

The RFI answers are currently being evaluated and a Request for Proposal (RFP) is expected to be issued later this year.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Saab Aerotech and the Swiss company RUAG Aerospace is yet another example where Gripen has paved the way for cooperation between Saab and other companies, exploring mutual business opportunities and cooperation. Switzerland is one of the countries where Gripen is currently being marketed.
“We are very happy about this partnership and are certain that it will contribute to our mutual success and a long term relationship”, says Torsten Öhman.

The Austrian Air Force has operated the Saab 105OE since the 1970s and recently, a new long-term service agreement was signed with Saab Aerotech.

“A large number of Saab 105 aircraft are also operated by the Swedish Air Force and I am quite certain that there will be synergies that both countries will benefit from”, says Torsten Öhman.

Saab Aerotech is Sweden’s leading supplier of integrated support solutions. The range covers a wide selection of services and products for cost effective support for systems and platforms during the entire lifecycle. The company offers its capabilities and expertise globally to customers within defence, public security and civil aviation. Saab Aerotech is a business unit within the Saab group.

For further information, please contact:
Torsten Öhman, VP, Head of Gripen and Saab 105 Programs at Saab Aerotech,
Telephone +46 (0) 13-18 16 64, mobile +46 (0) 734-18 16 64

John Belanger, Vice President, Public Relations and Communications at Saab Aerotech
Telephone: +46 (0) 13-18 31 01, mobile +46 (0) 734-18 31 01