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New order for Saab’s support weapons

​Defence and security company Saab have signed a contract on deliveries of the Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system. The order has a total value of MSEK 196.


The order comprises weapons and ammunition for Carl-Gustaf M3, the latest version of the Carl-Gustaf system.

At the request of the customer, further details regarding the contract will not be announced.

“We are very proud to announce another substantial order for Saab’s support weapons. This order and the recently announced orders for Carl-Gustaf and NLAW secure Saab’s position as a world leader in support weapons,” says Tomas Samuelsson, Head of business area Dynamics within Saab.


 Carl-Gustaf - Facts

The Carl-Gustaf is a versatile and recoilless man-portable weapon system which is suitable for direct fire in almost any combat situation. The key to the versatility of this classic 84 mm multi-role weapon is a new generation of ammunition, developed specifically to give soldiers the ability to defeat most types of target. With its array of HEAT, High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP), smoke, illumination, anti-structure and anti-personnel ammunition, the two-man crew of gunner and loader can quickly respond to each new threat.

A true multi-role weapon system, the Carl-Gustaf enables the user to defeat a wide range of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV), even those equipped with the latest advances in armour protection. The complete weapon system is also designed to destroy landing craft and bunkers, blast breach holes through brick and concrete walls, knock out concealed troops, send out a smoke screen and supply battlefield illumination. The Carl-Gustaf M3 launcher features an updated design with weight reduction and other improvements. Complete compatibility between older versions of the launcher and new types of ammunition (and vice versa) delivers in-built flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. The Carl-Gustaf family of ammunition gives infantry the ability to respond quickly and effectively to any threat.

HEAT 751 – for penetrating force
HEAT 551 – for armour destruction
HEDP 502 – for urban warfare
High Explosive (HE) 441 – for soft targets
SMOKE 469 – for effective smoke screens
ILLUM 545 – for battlefield illumination
ASM 509 – for structural demolition
MT 756 – multi target round
Area Defence Munition (ADM) 401 – for short-range protection




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22 October 2019