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Gripen flies in Switzerland

Next week the Gripen E/F test aircraft will make its debut in the Swiss alps during the Axalp flight demonstration by the Swiss Air Force, 10-11 October. Wednesday morning the aircraft arrived in Switzerland after a non-stop flight from Linköping in Sweden.


For the first time, the Gripen E/F test aircraft will be flying over Switzerland. On 10-11 October the aircraft will participate in the annual flight demonstration by the Swiss Air Force at Axalp-Ebenfluh air force firing range.

Gripen will stay in Switzerland from 3-12 October and it will be based at Emmen Airbase. The two-seater test aircraft will be flown by Swiss pilots from armasuisse and from the Swiss Air Force, with a Saab test pilot in the back seat.

“It is an honour for us to have been invited to participate in this high-profile event and to have the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the next generation Gripen to the Swiss Defence Forces as well as to the people in Switzerland”, says Richard Smith, Campaign Director Gripen Switzerland, Saab.

In addition to the Axalp flight demonstrations, the programme for next week will include a presentation of the aircraft on 9 October to the Swiss Defence Committees, both in the air and on the ground. Thereto, armasuisse will host a press meeting about Gripen on Friday 12 October.

Gripen E/F, the next generation Gripen, is an advanced and modern fighter aircraft system that meets the demands of tomorrow’s air defence from countries around the world. Saab keeps building on experiences from previous versions of Gripen which have a proven track record with five air forces. The next generation Gripen will have a dramatically enhanced performance. The Gripen E aircraft delivered to Switzerland will be a state-of-the-art fighter aircraft system with advanced capabilities. The new software and hardware (e.g. the new AESA radar) of the next generation Gripen E have been tested and demonstrated in the Gripen E/F test aircraft.