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Saab Inaugurates Gripen Development Simulator in Brazil

Saab and its Brazilian partners have taken another important step in the Brazilian technology transfer programme. On 25 November the so called S-Rig (Systems Rig), which is the first Gripen development simulator installed outside of Sweden, was inaugurated at the Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN), at the Embraer plant, in Gavião Peixoto, São Paulo State. The new simulator is part of the technology transfer programme for the new Brazilian fighter under a partnership between Saab, Embraer, Atech, AEL Sistemas and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).


The inauguration of the S-Rig is an important milestone in the Gripen programme, since it gives the GDDN greater autonomy to conduct more development projects in Brazil. The simulator will be used for development tests and for verification of systems and sub-systems of Gripen in Brazil, especially of systems developed by Saab, Embraer, Atech and partners at the GDDN, but also to test functionalities of equipment produced elsewhere by other Brazilian partner companies of the programme. The simulator also will support the activities of the Gripen Flight Test Center (GFTC) that is to be installed at the GDDN in 2020.

“The S-Rig is a complete aircraft simulator that will give Brazil full capacity to test all Gripen systems. Brazil is the only country with this capacity outside of Sweden. This is a major competitive advantage for Brazil’s defense industry,” said Mikael Franzén, head of the Gripen Brazil business unit at Saab business area Aeronautics.

The inauguration event was attended by Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos Augusto Amaral Oliveira, Chief of Staff of the Brazilian Air Force and other authorities; Walter Pinto Júnior, Vice President of Defense Programs for Embraer and representing Saab was Mikael Franzén.

 “The simulator is an important development tool that will enable engineers to test new software and other functions, while also enabling pilots to prepare for flight tests by conducting tests on the platform prior to the actual flight”, said Franzén.

The simulator platform, which was built under the partnership between Saab, Embraer, Atech, AEL Sistemas and the Brazilian Air Force, will enable Brazilian companies to acquire the technological expertise and advanced operations of simulators, while also supporting modern fighter development. After the fighters are developed and delivered, the development simulator will continue to be useful for the Brazilian Air Force and the national defense industry, for developing and accessing new functionalities for the fighter, such as the integration of new weapons.

Technology transfer programme:

More than 200 Brazilian engineers have participated in classroom and on-the-job training in Sweden as part of Gripen’s technology transfer programme. By the end of the programme, over 350 Brazilians will have been trained.

Key milestones of the Brazilian Gripen programme:

December 2013: The Brazilian Government announces that it has selected the Gripen fighter to reequip the Brazilian Air Force;

October 2014: Signing of the contract between Saab and the Brazilian Air Force;

September 2015: Contract became effective and financing agreement between Brazil and Sweden was signed;

October 2015: First group of Brazilians arrives in Sweden to participate in the technology transfer programme;

November 2016: Inauguration of the Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN), at the Embraer facilities in Gavião Peixoto;

2017: After two years of technology transfer, the first group of Brazilians employed by Embraer and AEL Sistemas returns to Brazil. Most will work on developing the Gripen F (two-seat) in areas such as: vehicle systems, aeronautical engineering, airframe design and systems installation, systems and weapons integration, avionics, human-machine interface and communications.

2018: Production begins on the first Brazilian Gripen in Linköping, with the participation of Brazilian and Swedish engineers;

May 2018: Saab aerostructures plant in Brazil, Saab Aeronáutica Montagens (SAM) starts its implementation and the engineers who will work there begin the technology transfer programme in Sweden to learn how to develop six aerostructure segments that will be produced in São Bernardo do Campo;

2018: AEL Sistemas becomes a global supplier of Saab to produce the Wide Area Display, the Head-up Display and the Helmet Mounted Display not just for the Brazilian Gripen, but also for new aircraft acquired by the Swedish Air Force and other Gripen E standard offers.

26 August, 2019: Maiden flight of the Brazilian Gripen in Linköping;

10 September, 2019: the first Brazilian Gripen aircraft was delivered to start the flight test programme in Sweden.

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