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Excellent performance with talented employees

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For almost a year Saab has spent a lot of time empowering its employees in an initiative called the Employee Boost. A project that aims to strengthen employees and increase their understanding of the challenges Saab is facing and how to meet them.

The leaders at Saab have the responsibility to implement the Employee Boost in their teams and a lot of that work involves talking about performance, and inspiring, motivating and being a good role model for employees. Amela, who heads one of Saabs marketing departments, has throughout the year worked with Employee Boost in her team.

“Throughout the years, Saab has built its success on dedicated and talented employees. With the right strategy, good leadership, the right skills in place and, above all, the excellent performance and success of motivated employees, that is certain to be part of our future”, says Amela.

Eric works in the department that Amela heads and, together with his colleagues, has been involved in the work surrounding the Employee Boost and he believes that the initiative will further increase performance at Saab.

“With this initiative you are able to see your own part in the whole, accomplish concrete goals, and feel that you have contributed so that everyone knows that they count, so together we can accomplish our shared goals and contribute to Saab’s business opportunities”, he says.


Eric and Amela

Performance and goals

Saab is positioned as one of the market’s leading suppliers of defence and security solutions. One key factor in achieving this position is Saab's performance-driven corporate culture, which requires that the organisation continuously works with clear goals and measurement. These are qualities that also run through Employee Boost.

“Saab has always been performance-driven and employs an inclusive approach when it comes to performance and how we act to accomplish our goals. It's not necessarily about working faster, but rather about working in a more dedicated and effective way so that we get the most out of our efforts, says Amela.

Amela is working hard to ensure that goals are interconnected within her department and that, in the end, they correlate to Saab's overall goals and strategies. Everyone should be able to clearly see and understand where the company is heading and why, and should understand the roles, expectations, and how individual performance affects the whole.

“Striving for better performance and to exceed set targets takes a measure of courage, and the Employee Boost can help us to muster this courage. Then we can go the extra mile and do a really great job, and leave work at the end of the day with a sense of satisfaction of accomplishment”, says Eric.


A trust-based culture

One aspect of performance-driven corporate culture deals with how employees act towards each other. In order to succeed in this shared task, we must be generous and willing to share knowledge. Constructive feedback contributes to a good end result.

"Everybody at the workplace shares the responsibility to create a positive working environment. We must be able to relate to our assignments and colleagues in a positive and professional manner," underlines Amela.

What the Employee Boost will lead to

Since many of Saab's business deals are complex and require different skills that all come together to create solid teamwork, it is essential to have a shared vision for the way forward. Prioritisation and allocating resources to the right projects and the right deals are important aspects, as well as rock-solid decisions and a great understanding of the customer’s needs.

"It’s about creating a winning team spirit and a positive working environment, and also about focusing on results and clear goals in order for us all to develop professionally in our roles and to become the very best versions of ourselves. All in all I believe that with this approach Saab will continue to be one of the leading global suppliers of defence and