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Saab brings Gripen technology transfer programme to Brazil

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When the Brazilian Federal Government signed the agreement with Saab covering the development and production of 36 Gripen NG, the contract also included a technology transfer programme. The aim with the programme is to provide the Brazilian aerospace industry with the technology and knowledge needed to maintain and develop Gripen for Brazil. A key milestone in the programme is the opening of the Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN) in Brazil.


The Gripen technology transfer programme really kicked off in October 2015 when the first 50 out of a total of 350 engineers from Saab’s partner companies in Brazil arrived in Sweden. The purpose with the programme is to prepare the engineers with theoretical and practical training before they return to Brazil to apply their new knowledge and skills. The first Brazilian engineers have after one year in Sweden returned to Brazil to start working in the GDDN facility. Together with around ten Swedish engineers from Saab they will be the first to work with the development of Gripen on Brazilian soil.

The GDDN is located at Embraer premises in Gavião Peixoto in the state of São Paulo. The new facility will be the central hub for the Gripen NG technology development in Brazil, where the Gripen flight test center and the Gripen final assembly also will be based. GDDN can be described as a project work station with professionals mainly from Embraer and Saab, but also from other Brazilian industry partners and the Brazilian customer.


The GDDN includes the development enviroment required to undertake the fighter´s development work, tests and verification for the Gripen NG as support systems. In addition, the GDDN connects to Saab in Sweden and the industrial partners in Brazil.

Learn more about the Gripen transfer of technology programme by watching the web series True Collaboration, showing five of the Brazilian engineers who moved to Sweden. Click here.