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GlobalEye: Overcoming the challenge of the earth’s curvature

2 min read

In a crisis scenario you need to see more. You need to extend the horizon to be able to cover vast areas quickly. You need to overcome the challenge of the earth’s curvature, to detect, to identify and to timely issue the correct orders.


To see beyond the earth’s curvature, you need altitude, in order to achieve wide and far-reaching coverage. Being that high up puts demands on your equipment. You need an ultra-long-range radar and ideally, an additional array of sensors to generate a comprehensive and accurate picture of the areas of concern.

You want to be able to command and control the situation and stay aloft for long periods and have flexibility to re-position. To lead the way for other assets operating closer to the target, to get actual eyes- and hands-on in a crisis.

You also need the flexibility of a swing-role solution, to be able to operate seamlessly between air, maritime, and ground surveillance missions. That way you can dynamically adapt to any new information or situation that may occur.

All this, you want from an independent system supplier with experience, someone you can trust. Saab has been in the industry for 80 years, developing aircraft for 60, with 25 years of hands on experience developing and supporting Airborne Early Warning and Control systems in several regions in the world.

With the latest AEW&C system at hand, you will meet all these requirements and be well equipped when a crisis occurs. Your own air, surface and ground assets benefit greatly from getting a true and joint picture, allowing you sustain operations with minimum wear and tear. With less guesswork, decisions can be made based on fast and accurate information.

Whether you are operating under peace, in crisis or during a conflict – having an airborne suite of sensors is key to success. By adding the latest AEW&C platform to your toolbox, your ability to maintain the strategic and tactical upper hand of air, sea and land is dramatically improved.

The earth might still be round, but with Saab’s GlobalEye, you will overcome the challenge of the earth’s curvature, you will see far and beyond the horizon which means you can detect anything that is out there.