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Brazilian Gripen E

How Gripen Fits All Criteria To Defend Brazil

1 min read + Video

For a country with vast continental dimensions like Brazil, there are many requirements to be met by the new fighters to carry out various types of missions.

Episode 3 of True Collaboration Season 3 talks about how Gripen meets all the requirements related to performance, range, and autonomy, which help in strengthening Brazil's defence and security.

According to Saab test pilot Jonas Jakobsson, using air power efficiently is all about the time a fighter is airborne and the range that it can cover during the flight. With Gripen's intelligent Human-Machine Interface system, it achieves the optimal balance between the pilot's and the fighter's decision space. Gripen's fighter intelligence has the capability to work autonomously on several areas simultaneously and provide the pilots with suggestions ranging from weapon selection to flight maneuver. This ensures that every second in air is optimally used.

"Gripen, due to its high performance, in-flight refueling capacity, and maintenance of supersonic flight (even without the use of the afterburner), will be able to reach any point within the national territory and thus contribute to the defence of the Brazilian territory," says Lte Col Av Maurício Côrte Real.