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A vital piece of the puzzle

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Doctor, lawyer or engineer — the aspirations were many when she first planned for her future career. Even though Systems Programmer wasn’t on the list of roles she imagined herself taking on, growing up in the city of Saab’s headquarters, it was almost written in the stars. Meet Linnéa Jakobsson, analytical problem solver and newcomer to Saab!

All roads lead to Saab

Linnéa has been part of Saab since April 2021. But her journey at the company actually started in 2019. After spending five years studying biomedical engineering at Linköping University, it was time to write her master thesis, and for Linnéa, Saab was the obvious choice.

“I knew that they were very good at taking good care of students, so when it was time to write my thesis, I turned directly to Saab. At that time, I studied for a master’s degree in electrical engineering and found an interesting thesis project about eye-tracking at Saab. After finishing my thesis, I got the opportunity to work as a consultant, which later led to a full-time position as a Systems Programmer.”

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At Saab, Linnéa's responsibility is to ensure that every small piece of the puzzle is in place and up and running before products are delivered to customers. It’s a job that includes a great number of problem-solving skills and an analytical mind to find solutions to the issues that might occur. To summarise her job in one sentence, it’s a fun mix of finding problems and documenting and implementing solutions.

Where ideas spring to life

She is also involved in showcasing Saab’s products to high school students and customers at the Capability Development Centre at Saab — the biggest conference room at the company where, among other exciting products, the great Gripen simulator can be found.

“I really enjoy the variety of different teams and projects. And it’s incredible to see the final results of the products and the purpose they serve in society as a whole. I’m proud of working at a company that makes it possible for people to feel safe.”

The opportunity to be a part of that important mission, along with the chance to work with advanced systems and technology, is what made her want to work at Saab in the first place.

ā€œIā€™m proud of working at a company that makes it possible for people to feel safe.ā€ Linnéa Jakobsson, Systems Programmer at Saab.
“I’m proud of working at a company that makes it possible for people to feel safe.”

Even though she had some prejudices about the company before she started, the people at Saab have made her feel the complete opposite today.

“When I first started at Saab, I did have some prejudices about the company. For example, I didn’t think there would be such a great will for change and improvements. Of course, some technical systems are hard to transform and we wouldn’t change anything just for the sake of it. But there is a positive mindset about development and modernising with new technology, which surprised me in a good way.”

An openness to development goes for the people at Saab as well. In Linnéa’s own words, it’s the place to be if you want to grow in your profession.

“If you want to work with advanced systems and technology in a friendly environment while making a positive impact in society, Saab is definitely the place to be. There are so many development opportunities, and even though it’s a big company, it’s still very welcoming. There’s never any competition among projects or colleagues. Everyone is striving towards the same goal.”

The magic of new beginnings

It’s in that friendly and collaborative environment that Linnéa finds her motivation. Even though she started working at Saab in the middle of the pandemic, she has gotten to know her colleagues now that the office has reopened.

“It’s a great culture to be a part of and the perfect place to start your career!”

And the best part? She gets to spend her days with experienced colleagues — positive, fun, lovely people who are always happy to lend a helping hand.

“My colleagues are definitively my source of inspiration. It’s great to work with such knowledgeable and driven people who are also very helpful. It’s a great culture to be a part of and the perfect place to start your career!”

Let us introduce you to our world of opportunities

3 Questions

What talent do you wish you had?
An ear for music! I wish that I could play the piano, but I have only learned the basics yet.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Patient, analytical and inventive.

Why would you recommend Saab as an employer?
If you would like to work with advanced systems and technology while doing good for society, I would definitely recommend Saab as an employer!