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When things get serious, real-time information is crucial for being able to make the right decisions. In today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing mission environments, awareness, as we know it, can only provide part of the puzzle. To really understand what is going on, awareness needs to evolve. Here you can read more about how the unique sensor suite of Saab´s GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) elevates awareness into insight.

In today’s increasingly challenging mission environments, response time is scarce and, as always, there is no room for error. Threats, be they symmetric or asymmetric, are constantly evolving, adapting, becoming smarter and ever more difficult to detect. Demands on the systems that nations rely on to create awareness and to counter these threats are extremely high. To stay ahead they not only need the ability to detect, identify and track a wider variety of objects over an extended range and in multi-domains, they also need to provide the right information, to the right assets – giving them the time they need to make right decisions and take the proper actions.

The most modern and advanced solution – available today

This is exactly what GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) solution, does. As the most modern and advanced AEW&C solution available on the market today, it not only ensures that a nation’s air, maritime and ground forces can benefit greatly from having a common, accurate and reliable situational picture. It will also provide a higher level of awareness.


Multi-domain awareness in a single platform

GlobalEye gives the customer the unique advantage of a multi-role solution capable of airborne, maritime and ground surveillance, as well as signals intelligence, simultaneously. GlobalEye is also capable of switching tasks during ongoing missions. All this in one single platform that would normally require separate platforms to accomplish.

At the heart of GlobalEye is a mission system, a multi-domain Command & Control (C2) system for real-time information, and the most advanced sensor suite for long-range air, sea, and land surveillance. GlobalEye also incorporates a range of communication systems that fully connects it to other platforms and command centres.

A unique mix of sensors

GlobalEye’s mix of modern active and passive sensors provides the ability to simultaneously detect and track large numbers of objects – in the air, at sea and over land. In fact, by combining sensors in this way, GlobalEye can detect all kinds of airborne targets – from ordinary aircraft types of all shapes and sizes to fighters, cruise missiles and helicopters. It also provides a significantly improved ability to detect smaller objects even from great distances. This is a key advantage for detecting and identifying new, low-observable flying objects and asymmetric threats.

The unique sensor suite gives GlobalEye an unparalleled flexibility. GlobalEye’s inherent flexibility can also maximize the value of regular peacetime operations, enabling the platform to watch coastal and land borders while at the same time maintaining the recognized air picture in its role as an airborne early warning and control asset.

Strong support at commander level

GlobalEye’s powerful sensor suite gives greater airspace coverage and enables earlier detection and identification of threats. For an air commander, this is crucial. It means more time to decide and act, which in turn means a better chance of maintaining air supremacy and staying ahead of the opponent. Naval and army commanders can take comfort from the knowledge that GlobalEye can provide them with situational awareness beyond their own sensors and provide positive identification of naval threats by utilizing on-board EOS/IOS imaging and strategic ground moving target indication (GMTI) over areas of interest.


More time to decide and act

Succeeding in one's mission requires not only the ability to detect and track objects, but also the ability to rapidly fuse and analyse massive quantities of data and turn it into accurate and highly reliable, real-time information and decision support. GlobalEye’s combination of multiple sensors and sophisticated data fusion, in an intuitive mission system that can process vast amounts of data and analyze and disseminate it in an automated and efficient way, will shorten the time from detection to action.

Making insight key

The GlobalEye AEW&C surveillance solution is uniquely composed to bring every asset involved in an operation precisely the information they need to fulfil their part of the mission successfully. As mentioned above, being aware of what is happening around you is not enough in today’s challenging mission environment. To meet the challenges, you need to be able to create awareness at a level that brings certainty and insight into decisions and actions.

With GlobalEye’s unique sensor suite, advanced airborne management capabilities and real-time information for full operational readiness from a single platform – GlobalEye will provide that higher level of awareness and make insight a key asset in the nation’s air power.

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