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Saab’s Marine Pilot App now live at Port of Townsville

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In 2021, the Port of Townsville awarded Saab the contract to expand their existing PortControl Port Management Information System (PMIS). Saab’s Mobile management module + Marine Pilot App today gives Townsville’s Marine Pilots real-time access to pertinent shipping information whilst on the go and away from their fixed office PCs. Saab’s purpose built Mobile App empowers Townsville’s Pilots to both receive new jobs and submit finished jobs digitally, collect master signatures with a simple swipe of a finger and maintain closed loop communications with other port departments including the port billing team. The app has effectively freed the Port of Townville to discontinue the use of hand written and often soggy paper pilot chits.

Capt. Timmy Pavri, Townville’s Manager Pilotage Services, says this particular upgrade was an easy choice for him to promote internally. He explains: “During my previous employment at Flinders Ports we too utilized Saab’s Marine Pilot App and when I learnt this pilot-friendly and time saving tool could easily be incorporated into Townville’s PMIS too, I naturally wanted it for my pilots yesterday”.

The Port of Townsville is responsible for pilotage services in the regions of Townsville and the Port of Lucinda. All ships with a length over all of 50m or more within these pilotage areas must either carry a licensed marine pilot or be under the command of an exempt Master.

 “In Australia, Saab’s mobile technologies are helping Port marine services streamline their operations”, says Tomas Hjelmberg, Head of Maritime Traffic Management at Saab. “Our app means no more double data entries or needing to interpret smudged handwriting on wet pilot chits, both notorious for slowing billing. For Saab, the delivery to Townsville’s Pilots confirms that we are providing exactly that convenient technology which the maritime pilots are in need of”.

Other Australian pilotage groups using this technology include Darwin Port, Pilbara Ports Authority, Port Hedland Pilots, Flinders Ports, Tasports, Gladstone Port Corporation, and Poseidon Sea Pilots.