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GlobalEye - Enhancing joint operation effects

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The pace of modern conflicts is high and accelerates demands on decision-makers at all levels. This creates a growing need to speed up the loop from observation to action, provide more rapid and capable information sharing, and the ability to deliver a common situational picture, also in joint operations. This is exactly what GlobalEye, Saab’s long-range Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) solution, offers.

Conflicts are always complicated, especially as today’s threats are often multi-domain, which usually require coordinated efforts from several different arms, sometimes also together with units from other countries, or in a mix of civilian and military resources. In critical situations, you therefore need to be able to control all dimensions of the threat and quickly create adequate situational awareness and decision support. To do so you need the ability to exchange real-time information between all own forces involved.

Creating a common picture for joint operations

The question, however, is how to enable such exchange of real-time information in a joint operation? How to ensure such cooperation and bridge the differences between the various units involved, and how to coordinate the resources available most effectively? One way to achieve this, and one that does not primarily rely on brute force alone, is to establish an information advantage that will put you ahead of the opposition.

When joint forces act together it is not only different people and units that are involved. It also means that many different systems and systems-of-systems must work together –everything from communications and sensor systems to weapons and command and control systems. The key for creating such an information advantage in multi-domain operations is to allow all forces involved to integrate their information and sensor data into a common network and a common picture.

This is where GlobalEye flies into the picture

GlobalEye is a multi-domain solution with a mix of modern active and passive sensors, ultra long-range detection, and the ability to detect and track objects in the air, at sea and on land.

With an operational altitude of more than 35.000 feet, it can detect, identify and track very large amounts of different objects and signals in the air, at sea and over the ground at distances of up to more than 300 nautical miles.

As the most modern and advanced airborne early warning and control solution available on the market today, it ensures that a nation’s air, maritime and ground forces, individually or in different types of joint operations, can benefit from having a true and joint picture, allowing them to sustain operations and optimize mission effects.


Up to the task

Traditionally, a nation’s operational airborne surveillance and identification capacity would require multiple systems, each of which is responsible for providing its own piece of the puzzle to a command centre and a higher overall picture.

Creating a common operational picture and adequate decision support in hostile and contested environments, where the time from observation to action is becoming increasingly shorter, broad capability solutions are required. GlobalEye AEW&C is up to the task, not only by supporting national defence and security, but also by complementing and enhancing traditional legacy surveillance solutions with a powerful joint operations picture creating a wider and higher level of awareness.

The advantage of shared knowledge

The ability to share knowledge is particularly valuable in multi-domain or joint operations. In such situations, GlobalEye can manage, fuse and distribute enormous amounts of data and create, maintain and continuously update the air, sea and ground situational pictures and share them with friendly forces. This means, sensors and assets can share information effectively and rapidly, and even act on target data from another asset.

An airborne command centre

If needed, GlobalEye can also act as a command centre for these forces. In fact, the true strength of GlobalEye becomes evident when all multi-domain produced information is uploaded, combined and fused. Such connectivity across domains creates unique tactical, operational and strategic benefits, providing commanders with powerful decision support and enabling them to establish and share a trusted, persistent and real time Recognized Situational Picture. Benefits that lay the foundation for successful missions.

GlobalEye and AI

The massive amount of data managed by GlobalEye need to be processed quickly and efficiently to enable instant identification of patterns and deviations that may affect the course of events. AI-functionality and machine learning allow for powerful real-time data analysis and constitute a strong complement to the intelligence that is built into the command-and-control system.

Rising above the crowd

All electronics emit signals. As more and more equipment includes advanced electronics, ever more signals fill the air. This increases the risk of disturbances, interference or adversaries jamming communications, sensors or other systems. With GlobalEye, you can literally rise above the crowd and support forces with maintained awareness also in heavily congested and contested signals environments.

Constantly surmount evolving threats

With ever faster and advanced technology development and a reality that becomes more complex every day, keeping a modern AEW&C solution up to date for ten, fifteen or twenty-five years is usually, to say the least, a big challenge. On the other hand, with a software-based solution like GlobalEye it is not. Because with GlobalEye, developments in the outside world are met with gradual evolution of the software. Being designed with fully software defined capabilities GlobalEye can therefore be continuously added with new functionalities and stay both relevant and modern over a long period of time.

One platform, dual use

GlobalEye is designed to carry out both civilian and military tasks, also in joint operation scenarios. It goes without saying that it is more effective to gather all these capabilities in one and the same solution to meet security challenges in a world where threat scenarios are continuously changing and the line between military and civilian challenges and threats is no longer as clear.

Keeping up with change

Today's rapid technological progress increases the pace of conceivable conflict scenarios and therefore makes GlobalEye’s ability for early warning and information exchange across multiple domains, a decisive capability for achieving desired operational effects in an increasingly complex and demanding world.

In peace, grey-zone, crisis or war

Today, but perhaps more importantly, in the future, security challenges – multi-domain as well as others – will require awareness based on access to and provision of timely and accurate information to maintain peace and stability. GlobalEye is the only AEW&C solution on the market today that can provide such long-range air, sea and land surveillance in real time from a single platform. Effectively supporting any force in any operation, including joint ones, with a joint perspective paving the way for the right decisions – whether in times of peace, grey-zone, crisis or war.