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Designing a safer future

4 min read

Maybe it was fate. Perhaps it was a conscious choice. Either way, the path to her role at Saab is something of a butterfly-effect story. Meet Lisa Eliasson, the curious problem-solver and UX Designer with a passion for creative design solutions.



Turning obstacles into opportunities

Let us introduce you to our world of opportunities

With an interest in technical design and her mind set on Saab, Lisa Eliasson knew early on what she wanted for her future – even though her career journey started off in a different direction than she had initially imagined.

"I've always enjoyed problem-solving and being creative, but I wasn't sure what to do with those skills. So, I started studying a Master of Science in Interaction Design at Umeå University but felt it wasn't quite right. After a while, I decided to drop out and move back to Luleå, where I eventually found the right program for me. After I finished my bachelor's degree in Industrial Design Engineering, I applied for a summer job at Saab. At that time, they didn't have a role that matched my education, but I found the other position they offered exciting, and I still had my sights set on Saab, so eventually I decided to give it a try.", says Lisa.

During her first months at Saab, Lisa worked as a technical writer, but right next to her at the desk sat a UX designer, and it didn't take long before Lisa took on some design tasks herself.


"Something tells me that maybe they placed me there on purpose because, in my interviews with Saab, I talked a lot about my interest in UX Design. I appreciate that there were opportunities to voice my opinions and get help finding the right path. If I hadn't ended up next to my UX colleague or received the support to pursue my passion, my career might have taken a different direction."

"The fact that I get paid to do what I'm truly passionate about is a privilege."
Lisa Eliasson

Where passion meets purpose

As a UX Designer, Lisa spends her days facilitating the use of complex systems for the operators at Saab. In this challenging role, Saab's purpose, " Keeping people and society safe," is constantly present.

"As the systems we work with are very complex, ensuring usability is essential. It doesn't matter how advanced a system is; if the operator can't use it, it becomes useless. Identifying and creating design solutions that help people in their work is a significant driving force for me. And the fact that we are currently working with a Swedish client further strengthens my purpose and motivation for the job. It's a great feeling to be a small part of the effort to strengthen the defence in the country where I live."

" My colleagues are my role models, fueling my motivation to develop myself further.”
Lisa Eliasson

3 questions

The best thing about Saab?

The balance between the stability of an experienced employer and the wide range of development opportunities. Also, the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at the office. It's truly rewarding to work with such a cool and exciting product alongside colleagues who are so competent and skilled.

The most motivating?

My work tasks! In one moment, I get to solve complex problems and immerse myself in technical details, and in the next moment, I can be creative and think outside the box.

Your advice to a potential new colleague?

Dare to try different roles and apply for the position even if it's something you didn't think would fit you in the first place. Saab offers such a wide range of different roles and challenges and, at the same time, the guidance to locate the right opportunity for you, so eventually, you will find something that fits you perfectly.