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Unlocking the depths of submarine engineering

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Fueled by an inherited passion for technical problem-solving, mathematics, and physics, Martin Walter always knew he wanted to work in the technical field. Inspired by his father's career path, he now proudly carries on his family's engineering legacy as a team leader at Saab.


Beneath the surface secrets

Representing the second generation of his family to study at LTH, the Faculty of Engineering in Lund, Martin Walter was always confident about pursuing a career in mechanical engineering. During his five-year tenure at Saab, he has been involved in a field called outfitting, which entails placing and constructing various components in specific spaces. In Martin's case, this space refers to the engine room of submarines. 
"What I find particularly exciting about Saab and working with submarines is the vast array of technologies involved, spanning across various areas of expertise. Saab is an excellent employer, especially if you're new to the industry and are still determining your future career path. It provides opportunities to acquire knowledge in a wide range of fields and explore various aspects, including programming, design, fire safety concerns, calculations, and more," Martin shares. 
Martin began his journey at Saab as a consultant and has since remained dedicated to the same submarine project, which is yet to hit the market. Although the project's name has remained unchanged throughout his years at the company, the complex challenges it poses continue to evolve. 
"It might sound somewhat unusual to say that I've been exclusively working on a single project since I started, but when it comes to submarines, it's a multi-year endeavour that engages nearly the entire organization. The challenges this project presents are truly thrilling. Delivering a fully functional submarine is an incredibly complex task, involving the coordination of numerous perspectives and various requirements," Martin continues. 

"It's genuinely inspiring to witness your own ideas and solutions become reality."
Martin Walter

Waves of innovation

In addition to his role as a Team Leader, Martin has also been a Saab ambassador and a mentor for interns. He has actively participated in various initiatives, such as Tekniksprånget (Technology Leap) and has pursued several development opportunities. His most recent learning journey is a course in theoretical welding. 
"I think it's wonderful that Saab offers such a wide range of development opportunities and the chance to try new tasks, even if they're unrelated to your everyday job but simply something you're interested in. It's gratifying to know that your employer invests in your growth."

"There's a mutual understanding of the complexity of our work, which fosters a culture of unwavering support and assistance from everyone."
Martin Walter

3 questions

Your advice to a potential colleague?
Saab is a great option if you're not sure about your career path because it covers a wide range of areas. When you start here, no matter where you begin, you'll likely work with different people and teams, helping you discover your path and explore opportunities within the company. 
The best thing about being a Saab employee?
I greatly appreciate the freedom and trust I receive from my colleagues. Saab offers a high degree of freedom, openness, and flexibility, fostering creativity and innovation. 
Your biggest strength?
I believe my ability to understand and connect with people in my environment, incorporating their thoughts and opinions, is my greatest strength.