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Decisive Advantage - Human Machine Collaboration

3 min read + Video

The concept of Human Machine Collaboration describes a powerful new way of thinking to deliver air dominance with the Gripen fighter.

Modern air combat is a battle of information; success or failure is dictated by your ability to generate, interpret and exploit essential data – and to do it better and faster than your opponents.

All combat aircraft generate this data as they fly and fight. As the most modern aircraft on the market, with the most advanced system design, Gripen generates mission data at an unparalleled level. Every Gripen has a wide array of active and passive sensors all over its airframe. Each Gripen is also connected to a complex datalink network that transmits and receives yet more information from allied forces across air, land and sea.

When combined, all of this data delivers immense situational awareness over a very wide area. The issue for the Gripen pilot is how to use all of this mission-critical information to best effect.

The answer is Saab’s design for Human Machine Collaboration. As implemented in Gripen, each pilot and every aircraft are now seamlessly connected at the heart of the combat network. From inside the cockpit each Gripen pilot can see, interpret and understand the complex battlespace all around them. More than that, each Gripen pilot can now anticipate what friendly assets and hostile forces are going to do next, thanks to the support given by the Gripen’s collaborative mission system

When previously mission data could be incomplete or contradictory now it is fused and verified with precision. This is life-saving capability. When previously each pilot had to rely on single inputs from their own aircraft now they are part of a secure, wide-area network that is constantly updated over very long distances, across all domains. This means that Gripen pilots can make the right decisions at the right time and do it better and faster than their opponents. With Human Machine Collaboration at the heart of the Gripen system the Gripen air force has a revolutionary level of combat power.

A Gripen pilot is never alone in the sky. Through the reality of Human Machine Collaboration, a high-powered information-support and decision-making system always at the pilot’s fingertips; trusted to deliver a decisive combat advantage. Only Gripen is designed this way. Only Gripen has this game-changing technology built into its core. And only Gripen can use this level of continuously adaptable capability to stay one step ahead of tomorrow’s threats.